A Life Gone By The Bard Ron Hampton

  • Tue Feb 17th, 2009 2:01am
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Now, as I sit before you

Watching my life go by,

I feel a tear sting my Eye.

But it’s not at my passing

It’s the memories

That make me cry.

For no one else can have

What is locked up in my Mind.

Memories of yesteryear,

Of a childhood long ago

Or maybe a secret hiding Place,

To where even today

I would like to go.

My eyes are closed,

My head rests on my Chest.

I appear to be asleep

But my mind is turning The pages

Of a life lived long ago.

All the pictures that I get To see

Are very real to me.

For I’m remembering a Live memory.

There are times that I Get to see

The faces of the ones That I

Loved so.

There you are now,

Just behind that big oak Tree.

Laughing and playing as You are

Peeking around at me.

My years have totaled More than

Six decades, but to me it Seems

Like only three.

Again a tear stings my Eye

As I rewind my


In an instant my dreams Are shattered

And scattered all over The floor.

And it takes me a Moment to realize

That there is someone at My door.

Slowly I rise up and get Out of my chair.

I pull myself together

As I answer the door.

Only to find a stranger

Waiting there.

I don’t know who she is

But somehow I feel good

That she is there.

But, something is strange

For I feel so light and Free.

And as I turn and look at My chair

I realize that my body Is not

Here at the door with me.

But wait, I’m not ready.

She only smiles at me,

And with a nod of her Head she said,

“It’s time for you to go With me.”

Once again I look at my Body,

Sitting there, a tear upon My face

Frozen there forever, Resting upon

My face.

Everything becomes Clear now.

It’s time for me to go Away

To my home up in Heaven,

Where my mom is

Waiting for me today

Once again my rest is Shattered

By a knock upon my Door.

My kids are outside


Saying “come on, Grandpa,

Open up the door”

I feel my heart pick up The beat

For I thought that I had Died

I was so glad to see them

That I held them close To me

And cried.

As I took one last look

At a long life gone by.