Beautify Bonney Lake seeks board members for 2017 event

Beautify Bonney Lake is looking for three board members to help put together the annual city-wide clean up event in 2017. The group is shrinking down to seven board members and is hoping to boost itself back up to 10 for next year's event, said chairman Tom Watson.

Beautify Bonney Lake and the city of Bonney Lake's Art Commission volunteers helped put up a mosaic behind the east entrance sign into the city.

Beautify Bonney Lake is looking for three board members to help put together the annual city-wide clean up event in 2017.

The group is shrinking down to seven board members and is hoping to boost itself back up to 10 for next year’s event, said chairman Tom Watson.

“We want people to come to our board meetings to get a feeling for what we’re doing,” Watson said. “If they like what they’re doing, we welcome their involvement, whether they’re on the board or not.”

The Beautify Bonney Lake board members are responsible for putting together the three-hour event every year, from determining what sites get worked on, the logistics of getting volunteers to and from their work sites, setting up the staging area at the Bonney Lake Park and Ride and organizing the tools needed for the day.

The event typically brings together 600-700 residents to work on various projects all around the city, making it the biggest volunteer event in the state.

Watson and Lillian McGinnis, the executive director of the group, said they’re interested in anyone who has new ideas and energy, but they’re looking specifically for people who can help the group organize the park and ride staging area – where volunteers start and end their work day – and someone who has new ideas for what projects Beautify Bonney Lake should tackle during future events.

The board meets once a month for the majority of the year on the first Wednesday every month at 8 a.m. at CJ’s Deli.

The group does not meet during January, February or March, but meets twice a month when the event date comes closer.

“It’s a good feeling, what you’re doing, when you’re seeing the results in such a short period of time,” Watson said.

Help needed for 2016 event

Beautify Bonney Lake doesn’t need board members to organize this year’s event on Sept. 17, but the group is in desperate need of team leaders this year, said McGinnis.

Team leaders, McGinnis said, are responsible for setting goals for various work sites, organizing the tools needed for the work and getting their team to and from their sites.

The 13th annual event this year is tackling 26 different projects, spanning from the Senior Center in the northern part of the city to Donald Eismann Elementary down in Tehaleh.

As is tradition, volunteers work for three hours and are treated with lunch after their work is complete. This year, BECU will be chipping in with refreshments for volunteers.

Residents can sign up as a volunteer online or email for more information.

“Even if we get one person, that’ll make a big difference,” Watson said.

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