Brush fire in South Prairie | Update

A Department of Natural Resources water chopper lands to refuel.

6:00 p.m. update:

East Pierce Fire Chief Bud Backer has confirmed the fire has been down for about an hour, and is now mostly contained and out.

Backer said East Pierce will soon be pulling out of the area, as the area where the fire started is territory that overlaps the Department of Natural Resources and East Pierce’s jurisdiction.

More than 15 different rigs were brought to this fire by East Pierce, Buckley, Orting and Riverside fire departments.

One firefighter was overcome with heat exhaustion and was transported away.

While the cause of the fire is unconfirmed, Backer said he believes the fire was started by a mower striking a rock and causing sparks in the field.

The fire spread approximately 10 acres.

Original post:

Two homes were evacuated in South Prairie after a brush fire, cause unknown, started in a ten acre field around 2:00 this afternoon.

Traffic going east on Highway 162 through South Prairie is stopped by East Pierce Fire and Rescue, the Department of National Resources and local police officers.

Because of the remoteness of this brush fire, East Pierce is having to bring in brush rigs into the area as well as using helicopters to dump water onto the fire from above.

Currently, East Pierce is splitting it’s attention between this fire and a fire up in Graham.

So far, there have been no injuries and no homes have been burnt.