City held public hearing on marijuana moratorium

On Oct. 22 the city of Bonney Lake adopted Ordinance No. 1468 declaring a moratorium on the recreational marijuana industry within the city.

The idea behind the moratorium, Deputy Mayor Dan Swatman said, is so the council can get everything figured out.

For up to six months, the moratorium temporarily prohibits the production, processing and retail sale of recreational marijuana. Under the moratorium, the city will not grant licenses or permits.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12 the Bonney Lake City Council held a public hearing regarding the current moratorium.

The council will consider any comments made during the hearing during the council workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

The city of Bonney Lake will continue to study the issue and develop possible regulations for the production, processing and retail sale of marijuana, City Administrator Don Morrison said.

“I am glad we have the moratorium in place,” Mayor Neil Johnson said.

This moratorium only applies to recreational marijuana. The city of Bonney Lake already has a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries as long as it continues to violate Federal law, Morrison said.

The liquor control board will issue one license within the city of Bonney Lake, Swatman said. No one has directly applied yet but residents have called in asking questions regarding licenses, he said.

Swatman said, “it’s your own thing in your own home,” but the extra exposure of marijuana to the community is not what Bonney Lake needs.

The Pierce County Council is looking to address the issue county wide and Johnson said he looks forward to seeing what they do and he will look for Bonney Lake to follow their lead.