City water now flowing to Y Bar S

With a ceremonial “turning of the valve,” residents of the Y Bar S development north of Enumclaw began receiving city water Friday afternoon.

Residents of Y Bar S had long sought to be a part of the city’s water distribution system, complaining about the quality of water provided by their local supplier. Many have used filtration systems and others have paid to have drinking water delivered to their homes.

Twice last year, the Y Bar S water system notified users that its water was unsafe to drink, following alerts by the state’s Department of Health.

Eventually, the city was able to get involved, beginning the process of purchasing the distribution system and extending water mains to reach the neighborhood just north of the city.

Sharon Krogstad, a resident of Y Bar S, was chosen to open the valve that sent city water flowing to her Y Bar S neighbors and those in High View Estates. She was a longtime advocate of getting city water to the development and had been a liaison between the city, the state and her neighbors.

Y Bar S residents are paying more than regular city customers for their water. The City Council agreed to provide water to the neighborhood, but insisted that a surcharge be added to protect the city against any surprised costs should the already-established water mains need repair.

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