Collapsed Enumclaw building to be demolished

The building on the corner of Cole Street and Stevenson Avenue collapsed the evening of June 6.

Things have moved slower than the city would have liked, but it appears something will soon be done to the bulging building at the corner of Cole Street and Stevenson Avenue.

Now encircled by tall fencing – aimed at keeping pedestrians a safe distance away – and with steel poles guarding against the collapse of an outside wall, the structure appears headed for demolition.

City Administrator Chris Searcy offered a brief update during the Sept. 14 gathering of the Enumclaw City Council.

Searcy reported that application has been made for a demolition permit, though it had not been granted as of last week.

The wheels of progress turn a bit slowly, Searcy told the council. The first step was a seven-day waiting period while the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency considered giving its blessing to the demolition project. That agency guards against any potential hazards being released into the air.

The city won’t finalize the demolition permit until the environmental review is completed. Once demolition begins, the process could take about seven days, Searcy added.

It was the evening of July 6 when the roof of the vacant building at 1414 Cole St. crashed to the ground. As part of the collapse, exterior walls bulged slightly outward.

The city quickly rounded up contractors to erect the fence around the lot and tackle the emergency measure of bracing the wall facing Cole.