Cougar spotted in Bonney Lake

If you see a cougar

Police in Bonney Lake are warning residents to keep their eyes open for a possible cougar after one man spotted one the animals in his backyard Friday morning.

According to Bonney Lake Police Officer Daron Wolschleger, police were called to the 8200 block of 191st Avenue at approximately 9 a.m. after a resident reported seeing a cougar.

Police believe the man, whom they described as an avid hunter, and sent four units to patrol the neighborhood in search of the animal, though it was not seen after leaving the man’s backyard headed east.

“We never did see it,” Wolschleger said, but added that dogs in the neighborhood were heard barking, which could indicate its presence.

Officials from the Department of Fish and Wildlife were also called to the scene and Wolschleger said they deployed a search dog, but it did not pick up the scent of a cougar.

The neighborhood in which it was found also includes a green belt and police believe the animal found its way into the area through the green belt.

According to the Depart of Fish and Wildlife website, if you see a cougar, you should stand up tall and pick up any small children, but do not run, as a cougar’s instinct is to chase. Try to appear larger than the cougar, but never take your eyes off it and never approach the animal.

If the animal displays aggressive behavior, shout, wave your arms and throw rocks, anything to convince the animal that you are a danger and not food.

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