King County Animal Services take 22 horses, a goat and cats for malnutrition on a farm near Enumcalw

The King County Sheriff’s deputies and Regional Animal Services officers took possession of 22 horse, a goat and two cats from a farm outside of Enumclaw Wednesday and Thursday night because of malnutrition.

The location of the property is 236th Avenue Southeast and 416th Street.

According to Cameron Satterfield, communications manager for animal services, a tip was received by animal services Tuesday concerning emaciated animals on the farm.

Satterfield said an animal control officer went to the property Wednesday and observed the animals. A search warrant was served by the deputies and officers Wednesday evening when 16 horses, a goat and two cats were taken from the farm.

The officers saw more distressed horses and a second search warrant was served Thursday for 10 more horses, but only six were found. There were also other cats and a goat on the property, but they were in good condition.

Satterfield said during a phone interview Friday, “Today we are working to get the other four horses listed on the warrant.”

Satterfield said the 22 horses are currently at a contract stable and being give veterinary care along with food and water.

Charges have not been filed yet. Satterfield said once the veterinarian has checked all the animals, the information will be sent to the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Thankfully these types of cases are very rare,” Satterfield said. “The reason we were able to do this is we received a tip from someone.”

Satterfield said if people are interested in helping or donating money for the care of the animals they may call 206-296-7387.

In the two years Satterfield has been at the department this is the first time a large number of horse have been taken because of malnutrition.

He said the two most recent cases in the last few years were 73 cats taken in by animal service that were living in a travel trailer in Auburn and a second case involving about 100 Chihuahua.

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