Red areas on this map are areas that will be treated with Sonar Aquatic Herbicide. The yellow area will be treated with Renovate OTF herbicide. Map courtesy of ArcGIS.

Lake Tapps milfoil treatment scheduled for week of August 7 | Cascade Water Alliance

  • Tue Aug 1st, 2017 9:30am
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Cascade Water Alliance, owner of Lake Tapps, continues its multi-year program to address milfoil growth by treating the infestation scheduled for the week of August 7.

The property owners within the treatment zones and a short distance beyond the treatment zones will be notified at their home regarding this treatment.

Four areas on the lake will be treated with Sonar Aquatic Herbicide. This product will be applied between two and three times at approximately one month intervals. A fifth area will be treated once the week of August 7 with Renovate OTF herbicide.

Eurasian milfoil is a non-native invasive plant. Although it is no longer required that Cascade treat this species, Cascade continues to treat milfoil to ensure a clean and healthy lake. Divers have been doing hand pulling in some areas for weeks.

A treatment map is viewable at this web link. Residents can enter their address and determine if they are within or close to the treatment zones.

There are no swimming restrictions on the treatment zones for SonarOne. However, there is a 24 hour swimming precaution in the Renovate treatment area.

Native vegetation will not be treated by Cascade. Fertilizer and septic tanks that are not well maintained contribute to the growth of this vegetation, and homeowners should use natural yard care and regular maintenance of septic systems.