Obstruction | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

All subjects in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

July 12

Obstruction: Officers conducted a random records check on a vehicle around 1 a.m. The vehicle was stopped for a violation. As the vehicle pulled over, officers witnessed one of the passengers putting their seat belt on. Officers requested identification from the passenger but he refused. He also refused to speak with the officers and exit the vehicle when they asked. The passenger was eventually helped out of the vehicle and while running a records check found that he had a felony warrant for escaping through the department of corrections. The passenger was cited with obstruction and failure to wear a seat belt. He was released due to the lack of jail space. A records check on a second passenger uncovered that she had a warrant for arrest with the Puyallup Police Department. Officers took her into custody and turned her over to Puyallup police.

Impounds: Officers responded to reports of a juvenile party. When they arrived, suspects were seen running into the residence and turning off all lights. The officers tried to make contact but no one answered the door. They noticed two cars parked blocking the roadway and called to have them towed. At the time of this report, there was nothing further.

July 11

Missing Items: An officer contacted the reporting party in the lobby of the police department where he wanted to report a burglary at his house. He said items from his detached garage had been stolen, totaling over $3,000. The officer advised the reporting party to monitor pawn shops and Craigslist and contact the department if he locates any items. At the time of the report, there was no suspect information.