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  • Tue Sep 27th, 2016 4:56pm
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PASSED OUT IN GAMING SECTION: Officers were called Sept. 15 to a report of an unconscious woman in a department store. Officers removed her purse from the woman’s lap, as they were unsure about whether she had any weapons. The woman woke up, and a search of the purse revealed a glass meth pipe. East Pierce Fire and Rescue came on the scene to evaluate the woman as officers questioned her. Officers believed the woman gave them a fake name and date of birth and attempted to leave the area, wrestling with officers until they handcuffed her. Officers searched the woman and found her ID, which showed she did use an alias when asked by officers. A records check revealed she had a felony warrant. Officers then arrested her for the warrant, assaulting an officer, making a false statement and possession of used drug paraphernalia. She was also trespassed from the store.

PACKAGE TAKEN: On Sept. 15 officers were called to a woman reporting a package being stolen off her porch. The woman’s husband came home to find the package opened and discarded. Security footage revealed a male subject opening the package minutes before the husband came home, removing the contents and leaving the area.