Police Blotter

  • Tue Feb 10th, 2009 5:20am
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• A suspicious briefcase was discovered the evening of Feb. 4 in the Enumclaw library. Officers responded and contacted the State Patrol for assistance. No bomb was detected. Officers took the briefcase for safekeeping and, based on information found inside, attempted to contact the owner.


• A citizen called police Feb. 5, reporting that a young man was attempting to sell magazines door-to-door. When the caller had asked to see the man’s identification or business license, the man refused and walked off. He could not be located.


• Enumclaw Fire Department personnel called the afternoon of Feb. 5, asking for police assistance with a combative patient. An officer responded and the situation was calmed.


• Officers responded shortly after 1 a.m. Feb. 2 to a Roosevelt Avenue parking lot, where there was a fight in progress. One suspect was cited for disorderly conduct and obstructing a public servant, then released. A second suspect was arrested and booked for fourth-degree assault.


• A subject was arrested the evening of Feb. 3 at a Lafromboise Street address and arrested and booked on a drug charge and for possession of burglary tools.


• Officers were told Feb. 3 of a group of teenagers who were directing a laser pointer at drivers traveling on Monroe Avenue. An officer contacted the group and, while discussing their activity, turned up a possible suspect from an assault that occurred the night before. The teens were advised to stop using the laser pointer and all denied having done anything wrong.



• Sometime Saturday evening, persons unknown caused damage to Park Avenue street signs and signs in resident’s yards. When an officer arrived at the reporting individual’s address, he could see that someone had broken a chain attaching a floor covering sign to a tree. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time.


• A Mason Avenue resident reported that late Friday, someone slipped into her home through an unlocked back door and stole her laptop and some cash from her purse. There were no witnesses or suspects at this time.


• Early Thursday morning, an officer responded to a dispatch regarding a woman lying in the road directly in the middle of the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Mill Street. When the officer made contact with the woman, she told him that she had hurt her knee and couldn’t walk. The officer followed the woman to her home just down the street, after she declined medical aid. Once at her home the officer found someone there, who said he would take care of the disoriented woman.