Ravensdale shooting suspect charged with second degree murder

King County Superior Court Judge Veronica Alicea Galván reversed a district court decision against Ted DeVol and Michael Qualls and awarding $30

The King County Prosecutor’s Office charged Jeremy Blakely, 35, with second degree murder in the April 27 shooting of Richard Napier, 56, in Ravensdale.

Blakely is also charged with first degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

He is being held on $1 million bail at the Regional Justice Center in Kent and he is to have no contact with the two witnesses from the shooting.

Napier was pronounced dead around 7:30 a.m. after medics were unable to revive him.

The certificate of probable cause report from the King County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to reports of a shooting around 6:45 a.m. April 27 at a mobile home park.

When detectives arrived on scene, Blakely was outside a mobile home with a pistol.

The report stated Blakely told detectives he shot Napier.

Detectives spoke with the female witness who called 911.

She told them she had been staying with Blakely and Napier for a few days along with the male witness, who had come by to see her that morning.

She said Blakely seemed upset and he left while she packed her belongings.

The woman said Blakely returned shortly after and found Napier in the kitchen.

According to the woman that was when the first shot was fired.

As Blakely turned to the woman, the report stated she pleaded with him not to hurt her and he let her grab her purse and go.

Before she could exit the front door, she heard another shot go off.

She ran outside to where the male witness who had come to see her was waiting in his car.

When detectives spoke with the male witness, the story was quite the same.

The man said as      Blakely left the mobile home and had grabbed something from his drawer prior to leaving.

The witness was sitting outside in his car when Blakely returned and the man saw he was holding a gun.

The report stated, the man told Blakely “Whoa, you don’t want to do this.”

Blakely ignored him and entered the home anyway.

That is when the male witness said he heard some yelling and then a single shot.

The report stated as he saw the woman run out of the home, a second shot was heard.

The report stated when Blakely was interviewed by detectives he admitted to shooting Napier twice.

He also admitted he entered the mobile home with the gun in hand, not trying to keep it hidden.

The report stated Blakely told officers he had stolen the gun from his stepfather a week earlier and knew as a convicted felon it was illegal for him to possess a gun.

A records check of Blakely done by detectives found that he had two convictions of rape of a child in December 2002.

Blakely’s arraignment is scheduled for May 11 at the Justice Center.