Retaining wall constructed for Eastown Bonney Lake sign

Bonney Lake's Public Works crew built a retaining wall last week

Construction got under way this week on the retaining wall that will hold a new sign on the city’s eastern boundary welcoming drivers to Bonney Lake.

Like the sign on Ehli Hill that’s visible to drivers climbing state Route 410, the new sign will bookend the main east-west route through the city.

Though the city’s actual boundary is 234th Avenue East, the sign will sit on the southwest corner of the new intersection at state Route 410 and 234th Avenue East.

This week, public works employees constructed a retaining wall at the corner that is needed due to the topography of the area.

Originally, Eastown standards were written so the property owner at the north side of the street would have to leave room for the welcome sign, but the final design widening the intersection left more room on the south side of the street, prompting the move.

According to Facilities & Special Projects Manager Gary Leaf, the sign will look just like the one at Ascent Park, only smaller.

Leaf said the sign was originally purchased in 2006 for Ascent, but proved to be too small for that location, but the city knew it would need a sign for the other side of town.

“We’ve kept that in storage just for this purpose,” Leaf said.

Leaf said the sign cost about $8,000 in 2006 and the city has spent approximately $10,000 over the past two years to purchase the blocks and equipment to build the wall, but the sign will sit in a right-of-way, so there was no cost for the land.

In addition, landowner Bob Stobie worked with the city to allow access to the site through his property.

“Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened,” Leaf said.

The plan is to pour concrete pillars this to hold the sign this week and the city hopes to finish the project by the end of April.