Sumner graduate cheered for Super Bowl champions

The Seattle Seahawks finished an unbelievable season as Super Bowl champions.

SeaGal Christian performs for the 12th Man at Century Link Field during the Seahawks championship season.

The Seattle Seahawks finished an unbelievable season as Super Bowl champions.

And for Sumner High School graduate and SeaGal Christian her rookie season was “unforgettable.”

Christian has been dancing since she was 3 years old and has been going to Seahawks games with her family since she was little.

She said she would sit during the game and only watch when the SeaGals were performing.

“I continuously told my mom that I wanted to do that someday and that feeling never went away,” she said. “Dance is my passion and I’ve always been a Seahawks fan. I love to perform and it just seemed like the perfect combination for me.”

For Seahawks fans this was one of the best seasons in franchise history.

And that is even more true for those on the field on Feb. 2.

Christian said she doesn’t “think any year will be able to top the whirlwind of a year” this has been for her.

Playing in the Super Bowl was different from most games the Seahawks had played all season long. The Hawks entered halftime leading 22-0.

“It was nice being able to just enjoy the game and not worry about it coming down to the last second,” she said.

Christian said she was able to stand along the sideline, watching the clock and looking around at the fans.

“As soon as the game ended, it was such a rush of emotions,” she said.

Christian said it is impossible for her to describe her entire Super Bowl experience in one article. Every moment from boarding the flight in Seattle and the returning flight home from New York was full of “nothing but excitement and laughter.”

She added unless you were in MetLife Stadium and were able to experience Super Bowl XLVIII, she can’t do it justice to explain it.

“The whole time I was there I kept having to look around in astonishment,” she said. “It still feels like a dream.”

Christian is not only a SeaGal, she is also a Husky at the University of Washington Tacoma and works a part time job at a clothing boutique.

She said this year, her time management skills have improved.

“I take it day by day and try not to give myself more than I can handle,” Christian said.

Being a SeaGal has changed Christian’s life and she said she can’t imagine her life without it.

Christian said the other SeaGals start to become family after you spend so much time with each other. She added that living in small community of Bonney Lake and Sumner has gotten even smaller since she joined the squad last season.

“I feel like every time I go somewhere I’m bound to run into someone I know or someone that recognizes me,” she said. “I’ve gotten to experience so many great opportunities and meet so many new people. Being on the team has helped me grow as a person.”

But a spot on next year’s squad is not secure for Christian or any of the current SeaGals. All SeaGals who want to be on the team again next year must go through try outs with everyone else that wants to be on the team.

Workshops that allow girls to learn some choreography and ask questions start on Sunday, March 16. There will be a total of five workshops along with one more intensive workshop, Christian said.

Tryouts will then start on April 26. There are three steps to the try out process. First, anyone can audition in the first round with a freestyle routine performed to music provided, she said.

If you are to make it past the first round, you enter the semi finals where they will perform a routine they have been taught. And the final stage of tryouts is the finals where you are interviewed and perform a final routine.

The new squad, Christian said, will be announced at the end of finals.

Thinking it will be a breeze for Christian at tryouts is not how she feels about it.

“I am twice as nervous this year,” she said. “Going into tryouts this year, I know what’s at stake and I wouldn’t want to lose such an amazing opportunity.”

Aside from practicing and performing on game days, there is more that goes into being a SeaGal.

“A lot of people don’t realize what we do when we’re not dancing on the field,” she said. “I know I certainly didn’t going into it.”

When Christian isn’t practicing with the team on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she spends her time practicing the routine she learned at the previous practice in order to perfect it.

But apart from cheering the Seahawks on and practicing, the SeaGals take part promotional events, she said.

The SeaGals work closely with Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House, Christian said.

“Those visit are always my favorite, to be able to put a smile on someone’s face,” she said.

The SeaGals also do events where they can promote their calendar and a portion of the proceeds are donated to Seattle Children’s, she said.

“We do a ton of events out in the community representing the Seahawks organization,” Christian said. “And I love to do as many as possible because that’s where we get to meet the best fans in the NFL!”

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