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A dubious landmark in Washington state history culminated in Linda Fleming becoming the first victim of the death with dignity assisted suicide law. Several others await.

A dubious landmark in Washington state history culminated in Linda Fleming becoming the first victim of the death with dignity assisted suicide law. Several others await.

Not being an apologist for the death penalty, it seems ironic that three murderers sitting on Washington’s death row petitioned the court to overturn the mandate of death by lethal injection on the grounds it is “cruel and unusual punishment.” Washington’s assisted suicide measure permits the terminally ill to “die with dignity,” a questionable process meant to end the suffering of individuals. Following the supporters of Initiative 1000’s logic, the state should administer the identical lethal cocktail to aforementioned murderers, thereby granting them the same dignified exit that the new law gave to Linda Fleming. This method would certainly give these convicted killers more respect then they granted their victims and it cannot be cruel since the drugs used are permitted by the Washington’s compassionate assisted suicide law.

George Terhaar


President Obama has announced his first Supreme Court nominee to the U.S. Senate. It is a female of Puerto Rican decent by the name of Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

It is no surprise that President Obama nominated a left-wing extremist. No surprise, I was expecting that. But what is really telling is the double standard that exists in this country. It is a double standard I have preached about for years. With the help of the so-called mainstream media, the left is held to a different standard than the right.

Under Sonia Sotomayor, justice is not blind. She sees color, gender and economic status in her rulings. Just ask white firefighters in Connecticut that she ruled against. The ruling she made in this affirmative action case is most likely going to be overturned by the court she has been nominated. The rulings that she has authored have been overruled by the Supreme Court 60 percent of the time. She has been admonished by judges of her inability to apply Constitutonal law to her decisions. It sounds like she is incompetent. If she was a conservative, she would not have been on the “short list” of potential nominees.

Sonia Sotomayor stated in a speech in 2002 to the UC-Berkeley School of Law that because she is a female Latina and the richness of her life, she would more likely come up with better decisions than a white male that has not lived her life. So, President Obama has nominated a racist for the Supreme Court, how nice. Can you imagine what would have happened if current Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, a George Bush nominee, had stated that because he is a white male, he would be more likely to come up with better decisions than a Latina female, or black female, or Asian homosexual because they have not lived his life? He would not be on the Supreme Court and rightfully so. But not in this country. Oh no, because she is a liberal, the Democrats and “mainstream media” are celebrating her despite her racist, sexist attitudes. All part of the “liberalism is a mental disorder” belief that I have been preaching about.

She has also made statements that she believes policy is made in the appeals court. In other words, she is a judicial activist who wants to create law in her role as a judge, to reflect her world view.

Make no mistake, the Supreme Court is an appeals court and she will continue this philosophy. Justice is not blind to Sonia Sotomayor, she sees color, gender, ethnicity, race and economic status in her decisions. But any conservative with her same racists and sexist traits would not be on the Supreme Court, and rightfully so.

I believe that Sonia Sotomayor is a reflection of President Obama’s views about race. But he will get away with it because there are enough Democrats that will appoint her as a Supreme Court judge and the “mainstream media” will not run the risk of derailing this nomination by speaking the truth about her. Don’t believe President Obama when he sings the praises of Sonia Sotomayor.

She is a terrible nominee for the highest court in the land. Do some research and look at her statements in speeches and her rulings and you have to conclude that Sonia Sotomayor is a racist and a sexist.

J. Buss


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