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Lions 4 Kids adds murder mystery to annual fundraiser | Carter’s Community

You have heard me talk about Lions 4 Kids House (L4K) before. My affiliation with them has ranged from donating school supplies and backpacks to donating toiletries, underwear and socks. I have not shied from sharing the word about their good works in our community.


Code enforcement, in your own hands | Carter’s Community

Do you live next door to a house with dozens of cars and car parts? Does it appear there are squatters that have moved into a foreclosed house in your neighborhood? Do you have a party house down the street that concerns you? Are their rats digging through the mounting pile of trash at the house you pass by daily? Does the neighbor’s rooster wake you in the morning before the alarm clock? Is that shed the neighbor built up to code? Is that home business allowed in your neighborhood?


Bonney Lake artist celebrates the 12th Man | Carter’s Community

In my November column, I pointed out that the Fisherman at Veteran’s Memorial Drive and Locust Avenue resembles D. B. Cooper, who allegedly lived just down the street from the intersection. Jacob Lucas of Bonney Lake is the Native American chainsaw artist who created the piece of public art.


Become financially literate for the new year | Carter’s Community

Now is the time of year when we make resolutions to exercise regularly, lose weight, and eat better, blah, blah, blah. But how about financial literacy?

Bonney Lake shoreline management plan | Carter’s Community

The city has been working on a shoreline management plan (SMP) for the Bonney Lake portion of Lake Tapps since the last year I was on the council.

My Predictions For 2014 | Carter’s Community

Favorite things, reflections on the past year and now it’s time for a look into the future.

Looking back at 2013, a year in retrospect | Carter’s Community

My first column was Feb. 15. It was titled, “Sometimes the community joins you” and gave a little background about myself. I thought I would recap the columns through the year. Time flies when you are having fun. Thank you for sticking with me as I found my way; there were columns that were not acceptable to the editor. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again (or submit a totally different column).

Reducing SR 410 Speed from 45 to 35 mph | Carter’s Community

You are coming up Elhi Hill on state Route 410 doing 55 mph until you get to the Ascent Gateway and you slow to 45 mph (or if you don’t you will frequently be under the scrutiny of a traffic officer with a radar gun). If it is a clear day, the beauty of Mount Rainier looms large in front of you. Welcome to Bonney Lake says the sign. Then when you get to the signal at the top of the hill by the Dairy Queen, the speed drops again to 35 mph until you pass the next signal (at the Chevron) and it goes back up to 45 mph.

Fennel Creek Trail: Walk a mile in my shoes | Carter’s Community

My husband and I walked the entire lowland stretch of the Fennel Creek Trail. We encountered many people, but were struck by two grade-school age boys on bikes. They were just coming through the driveway off of 185th Ave. E. and headed for the bridge. Obviously one of the boys was new to the area and was surprised to see the bridge and exclaimed “Hey, look at that!” The other boy said with pride “That’s the bridge my Dad and I walk on all the time.”

Lead by example, it takes a village | Carter’s Community

I was watching Biggest Loser, season 15 episode 5. Bingo and his mom were on.

Give back to the community you live in | Carter’s Community

I am a thrifty shopper. I use coupons, rewards points, shop the sales, and shop on senior citizen discount days to maximize my dollars. I am on my way to get my free turkey. Over the months, I have squirreled away enough food to put together 8 holiday meals, representing one for each council member and the mayor.

The history and celebration of Veterans Day | Carter’s Community

On Veterans Day we gather to recognize our Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard veterans who have sacrificed, both in war and in peace, to protect America and the American way of life.

Vote early, but not before researching the candidates | Carter’s Community

Nonpartisan is defined as: Based on, influenced by, affiliated with, or supporting the interests or policies of no single political party: a nonpartisan city council.

Milotte festival searching for filmmakers | Carter’s Community

Are you a filmmaker? Consider making a wildlife video! This year’s Milotte Wildlife Film Festival presented by the Greater Bonney Lake Historical Society is looking for filmmakers to produce a wildlife presentation of their own.

Proper planning provides desirable downtown | Carter’s Community

As I come up Elhi Hill I marvel at the sight of Mount Rainier, looming large. That view is the brand of Bonney Lake. I live just behind the new Franciscan Medical Pavilion, and I am thankful that the height of the new Franciscan Medical Pavilion does not block that view. That is because of planning.

Financial setbacks affect branches of local government | Carter’s Community

In the past, I have tried to point out the duties of the two branches of city government. Someone forgot that the mayor is the head of the Executive branch of the city government. The mayor is assisted by a full-time professional city administrator, who administers the day-to-day operations of the city. This includes the staff and their department heads.

Parks still an issue during political season | Carter’s Community

What are other cities doing about parks? Recently, as the News Tribune reported, the Fife City Council, after much discussion at its regular meeting, recommended that staff move forward with a lodging tax application to possibly fund a feasibility study for a proposed sports complex.

A call for candidates | Carter’s Community

Why do candidates run unopposed? The candidate may be doing so well that the other eligible persons all support the candidate.

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Community Click, September 2013 | SLIDESHOW

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Fall means a time of new beginnings | Carter’s Community

Fall is in the air. Back to school this week. The weather has been rainy and cooler. The leaves are changing. It’s fair time. It is a time of new beginnings. Football season. And the holidays are right around the corner.