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Bonney Lake approves marijuana ban

The official vote for a ban on marijuana businesses in Bonney Lake brought about one of the largest City Council meetings of the year. Many citizens voiced their approval, or disapproval, of a recreational marijuana store in the city at the meeting. Although citizen comments appeared to split the room nearly in half over the issue, the City Council remained unswayed by residents who wanted a recreational marijuana store and voted 6–1 to approve Ordinance No. 1502 (D15-08A) on Jan. 13.

Sumner library explores public laptop options

Patrons of the Sumner library can now be a part of a new pilot program that allows Pierce County Library members to check out laptops for a day. The program, which started on Jan. 5, gave the library 15 Chromebook laptops for public use.

City expected to ban marijuana businesses

As Bonney Lake’s year long moratorium on legal marijuana businesses nears its end, city residents should expect to shop elsewhere for their marijuana.During the Jan. 6 City Council meeting, an unofficial poll showed the majority of council members in favor of an outright ban of all marijuana growers, processors and retail shops from the city.

Making sweet music by recycling electronics

From flat-screens to freezers, gym lockers to rusty lawnmowers, many Bonney Lake residents took advantage of the high school’s electronics recycling event last Saturday by bringing their unused and broken electronics and recyclables to the school to be recycled and scrapped.

High school student does a year abroad at Sumner

Mireia Pinies is a fairly typical high schooler. She enjoys classes that her friends are in, competes on the Spartan swim team and while we talk, her cell phone buzzes and rings as her friends try to get a hold of her. What makes Mireia different from most teenagers is she decided to spend a year going to school in a completely different country – America.

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East Pierce reverses layoffs, agrees to new package

East Pierce Fire and Rescue will no longer be laying off seven employees at the end of January. Amid strong complaints from the public, East Pierce commissioners voted unanimously to accept a new memorandum of understanding between the fire department and the department’s union, Local 3520.

East Pierce to lay off six firefighters

East Pierce Fire and Rescue and the department’s labor union, Local 3520, failed to reach an agreement last week to mitigate a $1 million deficit in East Pierce’s 2015 budget. In order to address the shortfall, East Pierce’s Fire Commissioners voted 5-2 to lay off four firefighters, as well as two temporary firefighters, one receptionist, and reduce one information technology staff member to part-time status.

East Pierce, union, still negotiating $1 million deficit

Despite East Pierce Fire and Rescue successfully submitting their budget to the Pierce County Council on Dec. 5, the fire department and its labor union remain locked in discussion over how to mitigate a $1 million shortfall in the budget.

Bonney Lake pawn shop saves WWII museum exhibit

When state Initiative 594 passed in November, Pioneer Museum in Lynden, Wash., found itself in a peculiar, and possibly lawfully ambiguous, position. According to the new law, the World War II firearms the museum has on loan from various owners for an exhibit would need to be returned to owners before Dec. 4, or the original owners of the weapons would need to undergo a background check before their weapons could be legally returned.

Bonney Lake student promotes stroke awareness

Bonney Lake high school student Tabitha Reynolds, 16, raised more than $450 for the American Stroke Association during her Stroke Awareness event at the school.

Sumner band aims to complete 10-year album

After 10 long years, the Sumner band, The Cloves, is closing in on the goal to record its first full-length album.

Sumner revenue projected to be near pre-recession levels

The Sumner preliminary budget for the next two years was adopted by the Sumner City Council last Monday. “We’re really growing into our own, achieving goals that were just dreams only a few years ago,” wrote Sumner Mayor Dave Enslow in his introduction of the preliminary budget.

Lake Tapps projects nearly washed out

With the unexpected rainfall last Tuesday, the White River was nearly three feet away from flowing over the flume gates and down through the flume construction project.

Bonney Lake Food Bank in need of donations

The food bank has noticed an unnerving trend this fall. The number of families being served are increasing to unprecedented levels while the donation levels are not meeting the new demand.

Council discusses recent marijuana store robberies

During last weeks council workshop, Councilman Tom Watson presented to the council two cases of home robberies associated with marijuana retail stores in October and November.

East Pierce budget cuts loom ahead

The fire commissioners plan to finalize the budget during a meeting on Nov. 25, and will be submitted to the County Council by the Dec. 6 deadline.The 2015 budget was cut by more than $3 million because the East Pierce Maintenance and Operations levy failed to get a supermajority of 60 percent yes votes during the November general elections.

Fire commissioners discuss budget options with public

The special East Pierce Fire Commissioners meeting Thursday was a solemn affair as Plateau residents gathered at the Bonney Lake Fire Department to discuss their questions and concerns about the East Pierce Fire and Rescue budget, which will be cut by $3 million in 2015.

Bonney Lake prepares budget, foresees growth

The Bonney Lake preliminary budget for the next two years has been completed and was presented to the City Council at the end of October. Mayor Neil Johnson explained in the budget the city will see an increase in revenue.

Maple Lawn Trick-or-Treats for UNICEF

Maple Lawn elementary students did more than just Trick-or-Treat for candy on Halloween; they also raised more than $1,200 for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund or UNICEF.