Richard Elfers

Rich Elfers

Opposition research and the common good

Some Republicans running for office lack balance and nuance.


Rich Elfers

Progressive misconceptions on Latinos

No group is a monolith.


Rich Elfers

Enough with cleverness – give me smarts | In Focus

I don’t need exciting, clever remarks, but a boring, well-run government.


A letter to Christian supporters of President Donald J. Trump

Here’s what the Bible says about people like the president.

Tribalism and the upcoming election

Wy do some Republicans stick to Trump? Because they believe the alternative is worse.

Former empires looking for more on a world stage

A look at Turkey, Iran, and China.

The definition of family

Both the Democratic and Republican conventions showcased what each party views as a “family”.

We’re all biased, but do we attempt to uncover the truth?

Mainstream media leans left, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore their information.

Small steps are the best path to success

Striving for perfection won’t get you to where you want to go.

A desire for certainty

We sometimes pick certainty over much better choices.

An age of insanity

Both the left and right are acting emotionally and illogically.

In a world filled with bias, neither side has all the truth

We must be humble, self-aware, and have self-control to manage our biases.

Take a stance, offer suggestions and make your voice heard

It’s not enough to complain — come up with a solution, and talk with your leaders.

Things that trouble me

There’s so much happening in our country.

What, exactly, is tearing America apart? Blindness

Our inability to see across the aisle is what will bring our nation to the brink.

Taiwan provides a blueprint for dealing with a pandemic

Trust in the government and widespread communication and cooperation helped the country succeed where others didn’t.

With leadership, humility can be crucial to success

Humility is a better indicator of intellect than IQ points.

Crisis brings out the best, and the worst, in our elected leaders

What has these recent crises brought out in you?

Discoveries of the past are saving lives today

A short timeline on how modern medicine came to be.

It’s tough to balance individual rights with the greater good

It used to be seat belts and cigarettes. Now it’s the coronavirus.