Richard Elfers

When faced with tough times, head for the Goldilocks Zone

The government has to skate the tightrope of being too controlling, and being too lax in response to COVID-19 — and both spell disaster.


The storm before the calm

We may be experiencing many forms of upheaval for not just the next few months, but maybe years.


Coronavirus: a little knowledge is more dangerous than none

People are more scared about what they know only a little about.


Ulysses S. Grant: a great general, but terrible civilian

The Civil War hero was a complicated man.

As times turn uncertain, many will turn toward authoritarianism

It’s a trend both Republicans and Democrats follow.

That was the week that was

So much happened in the political world last week.

How far will Artificial Intelligence go?

IS the technology helping or hindering us as a whole?

Confirmation bias in the impeachment proceedings

Don’t ignore the evidence just because you support the president.

To bridge a divide, resist dogmatism, absolutes

If you’re secure in your beliefs, you should be willing to hear someone else’s opinion.

Student testing, as it exists today, creates a world of trouble

We spend too much time preparing for tests than actually learning.

Johnson and Trump: a tale of two presidential impeachments

High crimes doesn’t necessarily mean something illegal.

The five C’s of leadership

President Trump is certainly a clear leader, but what about his coachability?

Republicans chose power over the Constitution

People will always work harder to keep from losing than to gain something.

Flaws in the Republican impeachment defense

Even their attacks on the impeachment process are factually skewed.

I-976 casts too wide a net

The measure takes away local taxes not affiliated with ST3.

Growing up as a Republican

I wish the party was like I remembered when I was growing up.

Different perceptions concerning the homeless and the library

Many people don’t realize that there are laws protecting the homeless and their use of public spaces.

Discerning fact from opinion

It can be more difficult than people first think, according to the Pew Research Center.

Government and Goldilocks

We’re trying to find that “just right” balance.

If you had the chance, would you do things differently?

The book “Replay” means a tremendous amount to me.