Richard Elfers

What, exactly, is tearing America apart? Blindness

Our inability to see across the aisle is what will bring our nation to the brink.


Taiwan provides a blueprint for dealing with a pandemic

Trust in the government and widespread communication and cooperation helped the country succeed where others didn’t.


With leadership, humility can be crucial to success

Humility is a better indicator of intellect than IQ points.


Crisis brings out the best, and the worst, in our elected leaders

What has these recent crises brought out in you?

Discoveries of the past are saving lives today

A short timeline on how modern medicine came to be.

It’s tough to balance individual rights with the greater good

It used to be seat belts and cigarettes. Now it’s the coronavirus.

What have you invested your time in?

Time isn’t a renewable resource — if you spend it unwisely, it’s gone.

Remembering the Great Depression

That crisis — much like this current one — is likely to bring change to how we believe government should be run.

COVID-19 and financial security

We all need to stop pretending there isn’t an emergency right around the corner.

Political positions that baffle me

When I listen to the political rhetoric of the major parties, I am baffled by some of their perspectives and positions. Political parties are not… Continue reading

‘How Democracies Die’

America’s great challenge is to finally achieve an equal multiethnic democracy.

The biased, angry world of political surveys

Neither party actually wants my opinion — they just want my money.

How COVID-19 is affecting me

“In the multitude of counselors there is safety.”

Change in the time of coronavirus

Here are three large ways the world will shift.

When faced with tough times, head for the Goldilocks Zone

The government has to skate the tightrope of being too controlling, and being too lax in response to COVID-19 — and both spell disaster.

The storm before the calm

We may be experiencing many forms of upheaval for not just the next few months, but maybe years.

Coronavirus: a little knowledge is more dangerous than none

People are more scared about what they know only a little about.

Ulysses S. Grant: a great general, but terrible civilian

The Civil War hero was a complicated man.

As times turn uncertain, many will turn toward authoritarianism

It’s a trend both Republicans and Democrats follow.

That was the week that was

So much happened in the political world last week.