Wally DuChateau

Be safe, be clean — but also keep perspective

Nothing is known for sure, but the world isn’t ending.


Out with the old, in with the new

Examining the evolution of Buckley’s Firehouse Pub.


Win a few, lose a few

I’m not much of a gambler, but I’ve seen some people win big.


This guy knows his vocation

Morgan DeKight can make a heck of a drink.

The Cole Street Brewery

The city brewery will be opening a new location soon.

A toast to Enumclaw.

Well, I sat in the window of Jackson’s Café, Passing the time on a cold, sunny day; Looking out on the traffic of our little… Continue reading

Getting away for the holidays

This Christmas season, don’t just shop online — get out and explore.

Remembering Thanksgivings long past

They were filled with cigar smoke and poker.

A salute to Kelly’s

Kelly Bauer never expected to run a full-scale restaurant, let alone one of the best in Enumclaw.

The man behind Enumclaw’s Italian restaurant

Dario Brancato came directly from Sicily to SeaTac when he was young.

New trend: local crafters making beer, spirits

Budweiser is no longer king.

What happened to popular music?

Pop music has a rich history that modern musicians don’t seem to respect.

Greetings from the Big Apple

As you read this, I’ll be sitting on a convenient step gazing up and down the hallowed brick and mortar canyons of Manhattan. I say… Continue reading

Trying to make sense of Trump’s base

It’s all about a fear of change.

Where to find me when Armageddon strikes

Mount Rainier could erupt at any time — and I have my contingency plan all set.

A longtime awareness of standing on shaky ground

Anyone who has lived in the Puget Sound region for 20 years or more has experienced at least one substantial earthquake and possibly three or four.

The curse of the smart phones

Would millennials really give up sex for their devices?

Head down to Headworks for some tasty beer

I’m grateful to see the brick building at the corner of Marshall and Railroad finally occupied again.

Walking down to the Cole Street Brewery

Not only are there suds, but games and furry friends as well.

This columnist is a sugar junkie

I tried to go cold-turkey — boy, did that not work.