Wally DuChateau

Happy New Year, an annual apology | Wally’s World

Well, pop the champagne and give a rebel yell. Once again, it’s time to take stock of the past year and declare goals and resolutions for the future.

Can’t beat Enumclaw and real love for the holidays | Wally’s World

The first time I lived in Manhattan I crashed with a close friend in the East Village on 2nd Street, if that location means anything to you. Though I’d visited New York before, I’d never actually lived there and, needless to say, I was quite excited about the move, supercharged and receptive to a new experience.

Puget Sound malls have changed for the better | Wally’s World

At the outset, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I certainly encourage all of you to Christmas shop in Enumclaw because, believe me, our local merchants need all the support they can get.

Making this a tasty season of the year | Wally’s World

Through the years, especially during the holiday season, this column has offered many attractive and flavorful recipes.

The Sequel finds a new home for books and coffee | Wally’s World

Roughly 25 years ago, Ruth Klein, a retired real estate agent from Portland, moved to Enumclaw and opened a used bookstore called Railroad Street Books at Myrtle and Railroad streets.

No easy answers when dealing with addiction | Wally’s World

Wikipedia defines addiction as the continuous use of a substance or the continuous repetition of a behavior despite the adverse consequences resulting from that substance or behavior.

Pondering one’s life and death | Wally’s World

Happy birthday to me! And precisely how old am I? Well, I hope you’ll allow me to avoid that question for the moment because I don’t think it’s especially relevant to much of anything.

Don a costume, enjoy the night | Wally’s World

As you may realize, the roots of Halloween are planted in pagan society, apparently in the Celtic festival of Samhain.

Projects keep Nelson hopping | Wally’s World

Well, she and her sisters were raised by a single mom in the farming country of Iowa. Early in her teenage years, she begin to wonder what kind of world lay beyond the confines of this rural setting, so eventually she became an airline stewardess. For several years thereafter, she visited major cities and world capitals all over the planet yet, broadening as that experience was, she remained, at heart, the simple country girl she’d always been.

Fine monument to “king coal” legacy | Wally’s World

During the early 20th century, “king” coal furnished the energy that moved America and, without it, the whole nation would have ground to a halt. Lest we forget, coal was a major contributor to our victories in both world wars.

Bid farewell to summer; embrace the fall | Wally’s World

Heat doesn’t bother me and it rarely gets so hot that I complain. Offhand, I can only think of a single exception to that general rule; one afternoon in Phoenix it was 118 degrees and, indeed, that was a bit too much. However, the summers in our little corner of the world are usually very pleasant.

Many reasons to visit the track | Wally’s World

I had never been to Emerald Downs. After talking with several friends and acquaintances in downtown clubs and restaurants, I suspect this isn’t unusual; in fact, though the people I asked aren’t a random, so-called “scientific” sample, I suspect the vast majority of Enumclaw residents have never been there.

Local film portrays the Enumclaw past

Many are familiar with Gary LaTurner’s art work – those rather abstract canvases of seasonal naturescapes – but did you know he’s also the director of cultural programs for the city? As such, he’s had considerable influence on our town’s centennial celebration this year.

Plateau serving as backdrop for ‘The Claw’

Do you remember that “sensational” horse-sex thing back in 2007? At the time, an independent Seattle studio came here and filmed a documentary about the people involved.

Benefactor breathes new life into Danish Hall | Wally’s World

The first Caucasians to appear on the Plateau were a handful of homesteaders sometime in the mid- to late-1880s. (Of course, the Indians had been blazing trails through the region at least 30,000 years before the whites arrived.) Many of the first homesteaders were Danish, who built a tiny hamlet in the Flensted District about three miles northwest of what would become Enumclaw.

Old Grange getting a new life | Wally’s World

Even back in my dawn-world days, it was still called the old Neuwaukum Grange, as though it had never been “new.” I guess at one time it was a school house, before it became a social center and dance hall for farmers in the district.

Mint primed for return to downtown Enumclaw | Wally’s World

You may know Ryan Lundeen. If you don’t, he’s the president and director of that striping company on Third Street across from The Kettle. His company stripes everything from parking lots to tennis courts all over the state.

Enumclaw Golf Course appears in good hands

Let’s get one thing straight at the outset: I’m not a golfer. Never have been and never will be. The sport just doesn’t work with me.

Jobs’ influence felt throughout tech world

Steve Jobs, the recently deceased cofounder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. – a visionary and creative genius who also cofounded the Pixar Animation Studio – was a child of the Sixties. In other words, he was a hippie.

Spilling the beans on caffeine | Wally’s World

Like many of you, I enjoy coffee in the morning to help me wake up. Sometimes in the early afternoon I’ll have a second cup to perk up my fading energy. And, finally, again like many of you, another swallow or two to ward off the lethargic feeling after a heavy evening meal.