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New life for the old grange hall | Wally’s World

Back in the day — way back before the turn of the 20th century — frontiersmen in the Enumclaw area were digging outhouses and falling trees on their land-grant property. They were affectionately known as “stump farmers.” The timber was of some value and they used the profits to purchase cows, hoping to develop dairy farms.

A Plateau rhyme for the Christmas time | Wally’s World

T’was the day before Christmas and o’re the Plateau, From Diamond to Buckley we’re all on the go;

Some holidays just stand out | Wally’s World

Looking back upon the Christmases I’ve known, a few stand out prominently from all the rest. This doesn’t mean those Christmases were necessarily the most enjoyable, only that they were more memorable.

Finding a perfect Manhattan close to home | WALLY’S WORLD

My favorite blended alcoholic drink is the Manhattan. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find a really fine Manhattan anywhere outside Manhattan, but I’ve enjoyed a few in some of Seattle’s more exclusive restaurants; for example, the Hunt Club in the Sorrento Hotel.

Getting to know The Parlor Room | WALLY’S WORLD

Tina Cullison graduated from Auburn High School, married Justin Solmonsen 20 years ago, and has been living in Graham ever since. A few weeks ago, she took over the site and much of the inventory that was formerly City Perk and, in its place, opened The Parlor Room.

Still considering white teeth, strong positions | WALLY’S WORLD

People occasionally ask what political party I’m affiliated with. More recently, they ask if I’m leaning toward Obama or Romney. If you’ve read these columns with any regularity for any length of time, the answer is probably clear.

It’s a whole new world when it comes to weed | WALLY’S WORLD

I can’t remember exactly when I first smoked pot. Perhaps that’s understandable because it was sometime during the Sixties – and you know what they say about remembering the Sixties.

You just might hear something poetic | WALLY’S WORLD

Some people call me a writer. Others feel it’s a bit more accurate to label me a columnist. When I tell them I’m also playing around with a few novels, they’re usually more impressed. “Oh!” one lady exclaimed and arched her eyebrow. “So you’re an author!” Others call me things that aren’t fit for a family newspaper.

It’s a wacky world of fashion | WALLY’S WORLD

Well, you know how it goes in the world of fashion: here today and gone tomorrow. At the moment, colored jeans are hot, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in pink jeans by next summer. (Of course. if you start wearing them 10 years from now, you’ll probably be rather cool again.)

Feels good to keep things local | Wally’s World

Well, I was gonna check my email the other night, which I’m sure is also a daily ritual for many of you. I clicked on the Internet but received, instead, a rather startling and unsettling result.

Monument to honor town’s past | Wally’s World

The other day I heard about a Black Diamond memorial to Washington state’s coal mining past, so I drove across the river to check things out. I suspect this project has been in various stages of development for a number of years, but this whimsical storyteller just learned about it.

Great farmers market found in Maple Valley | Wally’s World

This column has frequently showered considerable praise on Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

Great farmers market found in Maple Valley | Wally’s World

This column has frequently showered considerable praise on Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

Look to R&B to find roots of today’s music | Wally’s World

People sometimes ask what I think of modern rock, rap and the pop scene in general. I usually say I don’t think much about it; that is, I rarely pay any attention to it.

Interior design is worth a visit | Wally’s World

Many know Bridget Peterson as a former employee in Suburban Soul." When that business closed its doors – yet another victim of our screwed up economy – she decided to open a store of her own, which was something she had wanted to do for many years. So, a couple months ago, she finally did. She was eminently qualified, having spent more than 15 years in the retail clothing business, including nine years with Nordstrom and four years with The Gap.

We’re returning to our roots | Wally’s World

Like most of you, I do nearly all my grocery shopping in the local grocery stores. I’ll continue to do this even though – given the pesticides, preservatives, genetic engineering, color additives, growth hormones and a host of other chemicals – no one is sure what we’re actually eating or what the long-term consequences might be.

In days gone by, banking was local | Wally’s World

So now, if you please, a little local Banking History 101.

Escaping the violence, landing in Enumclaw | Wally’s World

Like the antique store, the restaurant in Collectibles On Cole has been open for more than a year. Marilyn Nelson, owner of the whole operation – that is, both the antique side and the cafe – ran the restaurant, with various cooks and servers, during the first few months.

Fun Fourth at picnic grounds | Wally’s World

Across the Auburn Highway from the Enumclaw Sales barn, on the southwest corner of the intersection of state Route 164 and 228th Avenue Southeast, there’s a stand of fir trees that’s known as the Farmers’ Picnic Grounds. At least that’s what old-timers call it.

Mother, daughter bring life to Buckley café | Wally’s World

Bonna Hanna and I have known one another for at least 35 years and yet, for whatever reason, we’ve never been especially close. One could say we’re casual acquaintances; that is, we always greet one another with a smile while passing through the colorful neon and multi-hued mirrors of one bar or another.