Best Personal Loans With Bad Credit And Low Income From Top 5 Online Lenders In 2022

There are countless uses for personal loans. A personal loan will be good if you need extra funds to cover the home renovations, move, car repair, car purchase, weddings, scholarships, bills, or a vacay.

Maybe you have heard about the private lenders around the town that keep expanding their network. These people became more available to everyone seeking extra funds. You can visit their stores around the city or just connect with them online.

There are a lot of advantages characterizing these loans. The main and the best one is that these loans are mostly unsecured. The lenders lend you money by trusting you without backing the loans with collateral.

Personal loans for bad credit are an excellent financial solution for everyone, no matter the credit score. Private lenders welcome every credit score since everyone may face hard times in financial management.

Remember, this type of loan should help you reach your financial goals, not bring you into debt. You will have the chance to preview and calculate the offer before proceeding with your agreement.

Sometimes, you might get connected to more than one lender, which is a great advantage since you can compare and choose among the competitive rates. So, let’s get started and discover more about those fantastic providers without any further ado.

Best Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval $5000

  1. MoneyMutual – Best Platform Offering Personal Loans For Bad Credit
  2. BadCreditLoans – Get Loans For People With Bad Credit
  3. RadCred – Online Lenders To Get Low Interest Personal Personal Loans
  4. CashUSA – Trusted Financial Services For Cash Advance Loan
  5. PersonalLoans – Popular Loan Places For Bad Credit Personal Loans

#1. MoneyMutual: Best Platform Offering Personal Loans For Bad Credit


MoneyMutual has been the oldest and most experienced lending platform since 2010. Over two million Americans have delivered their trust to this lending platform because of its immediate services. You are not going to lose a thing. We believe that two million clients can not be wrong.

MoneyMutual is a profitable lending platform that offers intermediating services that are free for the customers. The platform is profiting from the lenders’ subscriptions because the clients are usually pirates who face financial issues.

As a trusted site, MoneyMutual offers quality services and additional credit-related solutions. The website offers these services via its lender and non-lender partners, meaning it has no direct impact on the offers.

So, the primary function of this platform is a fast and secure connection between the potential borrowers, potential lenders, and non-lender partners. Choosing a lender partner to be your mediator in the lending process will save you time and a lot of money.

Grab your smartphone or computer, open the MoneyMutual website and complete the form. You don’t have to leave your home or search for the lender’s office downtown. Everything can be done in minutes, no matter where you are at the moment.


You can ask for $5,000 and get them in 24 hours. Sounds unbelievable? Well, it is not. Thanks to technological development, you can get funds in less than 24 hours without searching for the right lender.

The lender partners of MoneyMutual offer short-term loans that can be repaid in three or 72 months. The repayment time depends on a few crucial factors, like the desired loan amount, financial condition, credit score, and the lender’s free will.

The loan you can get via MoneyMutual can be between $100 and $5,000. Higher loan amounts are available mainly for borrowers with excellent credit scores and satisfactory credit history. The credit score is considered when giving loan approval because the lenders can not put high loan amounts at risk.

The lenders set the loan’s terms, conditions, rules, and fees depending on the client’s characteristics. MoneyMutual can not influence these things because it has no relation with the lenders. It only mediates.

Another important thing we feel need to mention is that MoneyMutual’s services are not available for Connecticut and New York residents. These states forbid these loans because some lenders used to charge immense rates.

Application request requirements

If you are interested in getting a personal loan via MoneyMutual, you have to meet the prequalification criteria set by the website. Meeting the following criteria is not a 100% guarantee that you will be loan approved.

The criteria are general and simple. You don’t need to collect a lot of document papers to fill out the form since the required details are well-known to everyone. Get your ID or other government-issued documents by your hand and search for your bank account number. Having these two things by hand at the time of application will fasten the request process.

We will start with the age criterion. It is logical and normal to meet this criterion to apply for a loan. MoneyMutual offers services only for adult US citizens over 18 years of age. Minors can not apply for a loan nor sneak with fake information because everything in the form is later checked for accuracy.

Other criteria include being a USA citizen, making a steady income, and having an active bank account. Finally, you should enter your phone number to verify the shared information and email so the lender can send you the offer.


  • MoneyMutual has been around since 2010
  • Its mediating services are free for all borrowers
  • The lenders share all loan details before the client signs the offer
  • You are not going to pay anything upfront
  • No obligation to accept a loan offer
  • Loans from $100 to $5,000


  • Bad credit clients might not get a personal loan approval (they should apply for a bad credit one)
  • A personal loan has high than the average interest rate

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans: Get Loans For People With Bad Credit


BadCreditLoans is a lending platform offering fast connections with matching lenders. As the name points out, these lending platforms partner with leaders who are not limited to helping only clients with perfect credit scores. Everyone may fail to pay bills on time, damaging the credit score and becoming an obstacle to borrowing traditional bank loans.

You might get a loan with a bad credit score if you meet the other lender’s criteria. But, you must know that the loan you might receive will have a higher than the average interest rate, fees, and penalties. You are not obligated to accept the loan if its terms and rates confront your finances.

BadCreditLoans shares your information with all parties on its network. You agreed with this BadCreditLoans policy when clicking on the “Get started” option. You don’t have to be concerned about your sensitive information safety since the website has strong security technology on its database.

The parties connected to BadCreditLoans’ network are lenders and non-lender partners who might redirect your application to external lenders if you don’t receive a loan offer from the internal lenders. The redirecting may take a while; meanwhile, these parties may offer you other credit solutions.


The first feature why you should choose this platform is its free service. You can explore the website, use its application form, and even contact the support center without paying a thing. There are no upfront charges or any fees just for using the platform’s services.

You don’t have to create a profile on BadCreditLoans to use the services and the form. The annoying processes are skipped, and you can complete the form straightforwardly. The application will take only a few minutes of your time.

BadCreditLoans allows you to request up to $10,000 in the short term. The lender partners offer financial solutions for short periods, so you can not ask for higher long-term financial solutions on this platform. The repayment time ranges from 90 days to six years.

BadCreditLoans is one of those lending platforms that limit the Annual Percentage Rate. The lender partners of BadCreditLoans can not set sky-high APRs and stuck their clients into debt. The min APR can be 5,99%, while the max reaches 35,99%.

The website is not part of the lending process once you get connected to a lender. The lender and his free will set loan fees, rates, terms, and rules.

Application request requirements

The requirements are simple and do not differ from other similar lending platforms. BadCreditLoans has mentioned the eligibility requirements in its “How it works” section, so keep in mind to check the section and read how the platform works.

The essential criteria are being over 18 years of age and proving the USA residential status. These services apply only to domestic borrowers over 18 years of age. Foreigners and people who don’t have US citizenship or permanent residence can not complete the loan application. Clients prove their citizenship with their SSN.

The following criterion requires having a regular income. The source is not determined, so it allows more people to apply for a loan via BadCreditLoans. Your monthly income can be from a full-time job, part-time job, self-employment, pension, disability, etc.

The rest of the criteria require having a bank account under your name, phone number, and email address. These criteria are set by the platform and are not a 100% guarantee for loan approval.

Once the lender-borrower connection is enabled, the lender may ask for additional criteria and requirements. Sharing inaccurate information leads nowhere. The lenders check the clients’ information before deciding to respond.


  • No limitations on the credit score
  • A fast and convenient way to get connected to a lender
  • Free intermediating services
  • No prepayments or registration
  • You decide which offer to accept
  • BadCreditLoans’ lender partners offer loans up to $10,000


  • Personal loan offers carry high-interest rates
  • Completing the loan request and meeting the prequalification criteria are not guarantee for loan approval

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#3. RadCred: Online Lenders To Get Low Interest Personal Personal Loans


RadCred is a newcomer among the lending platforms that stepped on the stage with convenient online methods for lender connection. The website has minimal requirements that even 99% of the clients can meet to get prequalified.

On this platform, you can have a chance to choose among plenty of loan options, such as a bad credit loan, a type of personal loan, payday loan, no credit check loan, etc. Everything depends on your financial situation, needs, and the purpose for which you need the money.

RadCred states that it is only a middleman that enables the mutual interests connection. The lenders can find matching clients; opposite, the clients can connect to a lender who wills to give them a loan. This points out the fact that the lenders are the ones who decide on the loan’s terms and conditions.

For now, RadCred has around 60 licensed lender partners with physical lending stores around the USA. Choosing RadCred as your mediating support allows you to get matched with lenders you can not find another way.

The lender partners of RadCred promise fast deposits that may bring your requested funds onto your checking account in 24h.


Lack of money can be the root of many problems everyone can face in life. There are things we can not predict upfront that require more funds than we have.

So, to make it easier and less painful, the owners of this platform decided to offer convenient connections and fast funding to all clients in tough financial situations.

The loan amount you can request ranges from $100 to $5,000. The loan’s rates and fees increase with its value, so the higher the loan amount, the higher the loan fees will be. A personal loan shouldn’t harm your financial situation; instead, it should assist you in achieving your financial objectives.

Being unable to repay the personal loan you have applied for might damage your credit score and cause difficulties in the future.

RadCred has no APR limitations like many other lending platforms. We found information about the minimum APR, which is 4,99%. The maximum annual percentage rate is not set, so the lenders can set it of their free will.

The loan amount is not so high, meaning no matter what you ask for, it can be repaid in the short term. You can not use a personal loan for long-term investments and solutions.

Application request requirements

RadCred’s requirements are simple, and most clients meet them. It is essential to be an adult person responsible for all decisions. The age criterion is the first criterion on the qualification list. These services are unavailable for minors or borrowers who use inaccurate information to sneak in.

The lenders of RadCred have access to many databases, and they can easily see if the client has shared accurate and authentic information. Also, among the criteria is residency status. These services are unavailable for some USA states because these loans and fees are confronting their laws.

Another important criterion is to have an active checking account. You can not complete the form if you don’t enter your bank account number. Your bank account is essential so the lender can deposit the required funds.

The income amount is not mentioned as a qualification criterion, but lenders often consider it. Steady monthly income guarantees you have funds to repay the loan in total and on time. No lender will give a loan to a person who has no income flow. To finish the form, you should enter your phone number to verify the shared information.


  • Convenient online connection methods
  • Advanced database security measures
  • Fast and simple loan request
  • Available for all adult USA citizens
  • Some lenders do not check the credit and offer loans for any credit type
  • The lenders allow you to review the offer before putting your agreement


  • The APR is not limited, and it might reach over 400%
  • Meeting the general criteria does not make you loan qualified

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred

#4. CashUSA: Trusted Financial Services For Cash Advance Loan


Our last platform on the list is CashUSA, America’s most popular lending platform. CashUSA has an extensive network of lenders, non-lender partners, and parties offering credit-related services. You can easily find a personal loan for your needs, whether you want to consolidate debt, pay a vacation, remodel your home, or repair your car.

CashUSA is not a lender but a website with many lender partners. CashUSA helps borrowers and lenders find each other by following a matching pattern. This system allows both sides to unite because of their mutual interest – the money.

The uniting services are free for the borrowers but paid for by the lenders. Every lender or non-lender partner that wants to become a member of CashUSA should pay a subscription and agree with the platform’s rules.

CashUSA is not welcoming any lenders. There might be fraudsters who only want to cause damage to other people seeking a loan. CashUSA has criteria for the parties who want to join the network.

The platform accepts only reputable and licensed lenders committed to reasonably pursuing collections. Submitting a form on CashUSA may conduct a soft credit pull that would not affect your credit score.


The loan you can apply for via CashUSA can not exceed $10,000. The lender partners offer short-term loans for short-term expenses. The clients should repay the loan in the predicted time set by the lender, which may be as low as 90 days and as high as 72 months (six years).

The borrowing process evaluates in four steps. The first step is done by you and includes completing the loan request. The loan form is available on the website’s home page. The second step is the connection between you and the lender. You might not be connected to a lender for a specific reason, but you may receive other credit repair services.

The third step is for the ones who receive a loan offer. It comprises the additional information and processes the lender may ask you before approval. This step also includes the time you review the loan offer and decide if it is reasonable and suitable for your needs.

The final fourth step is the step when you receive the funds onto your account. The funds’ deposit happens within 24h. Additional charges will apply if you are not making your monthly payments on time.

Application request requirements

Every borrower must meet the eligibility criteria the website sets. Otherwise, the borrowers would not receive any loan offer. The borrowers can not sneak in with fake or someone else’s information. The lenders can easily check the authenticity and accuracy of the shared information.

You must be over 18 years to be eligible to apply. Your age is proven with your ID number and SSN. These details also prove your residential status, which is part of the qualification criteria of CAshUSA. The lending services are available only for US residents. There might be exceptions because not all states allow this kind of lending.

The following criterion is related to your finances. The platform requires receiving a steady monthly income from an employment relationship. You must be employed for the last 90 days to prequalify for a loan via CashUSA. The lender will further set the minimum income you should make to qualify.

As you fill out the form, you will come to the end section, where you must enter your bank account number. The lenders transfer the funds onto the checking account, meaning you will not get the money on hand.


  • The most extensive lender network
  • All credit scores are welcome
  • The lenders allow you to review the offer and ask about the rules
  • You sign the loan offer via e-signature
  • Apply from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Get the requested funds onto your account within 24h


  • Not all applicants get loan approved
  • Additional loan expenses apply if you are skipping or missing payments

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#5. PersonalLoans: Popular Loan Places For Bad Credit Personal Loans


PersonalLoans platform is initially created to connect with lenders that give personal loan offers. Later, the website expanded its network and included lender partners who offer other loan options besides personal ones.

Using this platform, you can ask for a higher-value loan. The repayment time is short-term, and the loans you can get from the PersonalLoans lenders are meant for short-term solutions. So, the minimum amount you can borrow is $1,000, while the highest is $35,000.

The form and customer support services are free of cost for all clients. The website would not ask for your payment method nor ask you to register on the platform to proceed with the application form.

The application form is available on the website and asks for some personal identification information. The requirements may ask for sensitive content, but there is no reason to be concerned about information safety since PersonalLoans has exceptional security technology over its database.

The collected information is shared only with the lenders and non-lender partners. The non-lender partners offer other credit services if some clients don’t receive a loan offer; they may also redirect the borrower’s application to lenders outside the PersonalLoans network.


Neither the website nor its operators are actual lenders. The website is a mediator that offers free services for the borrowers and charges the lender partners for their memberships. The lenders who pay subscriptions to be part of this platform are the ones who give loans. Once you connect to a lender, you will be automatically redirected to his website.

The things related to the loans that PersonalLoans can tell are the loan amount and the APR. The loan amount you can ask for ranges from $1,000 to $35,000. PersonalLoans has a limitation over the APR, so the lenders can not set it independently. The minimum Annual Percentage Rate the loan may carry is 5,99%, which is usually set for borrowers with exceptional credit history.

The maximum Annual Percentage Rate charged to the loan can be 35,99%. This limitation is set because many lenders in the past few years used to set immense APRs. Some states still forbid these loans because some lenders still set high-interest rates.

The actual APR depends on the client’s credit score, the loan amount he asks for, the loan’s term, repayment amount, and the timing of payments.

Application request requirements

PersonalLoans accepts requestors of all credit scores, but there are still some general requirements they should meet to prequalify for a loan. The first criterion is the client’s age and residency status. This is proved with the applicant’s SSN and ID number. Applicants can use any USA government-issued identification document to complete the form.

Next, every applicant should prove their income amount. PersonalLoans welcomes unemployed clients who have a steady income flow onto their accounts. The income can be from a full-time job, self-employment, pension, part-time job, disability benefits, etc.

The applicants must own an active checking account in a bank so the lender can transfer the funds. These lenders are not giving “raw money.” They transfer the funds onto the account since not all lenders come from the applicant’s state.

Finally, the last criterion is to have a good credit score. It is unnecessary, but it is always better to have a higher credit score to receive a better loan offer.

If your credit is too bad and you think it may not lead you to a loan offer, you can choose a protected personal loan or set a co-signer with a better credit score.


  • A lending platform designed for personal loan offers
  • The credit score is not among the main determining factors
  • The loans are repaid in installments
  • Suitable for employed, self-employed, and unemployed clients
  • Free mediating services for all interested clients
  • You can apply for an unsecured and secured personal loan


  • The website owners are not lenders nor provide credit-related solutions
  • Not everyone who meets the prequalification criteria gets loan approval

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PersonalLoans

How We Made This List Of These Best Personal Loans For Fair Credit?

Simple borrowing process

This lending process is faster than you can ever imagine. We were initially satisfied with this fact, which was the first thing that caught our attention when making this selection.

The borrowing process flows without needing to collect paperwork and documents to apply for it. The form is online, the lenders communicate via phone and email, and you receive the funds on your account without physical contact with the lender.

Well-described and educative platforms

Our selected lending platforms are excellent even for people new to the online borrowing process. The convenience these websites offer is helpful for everyone, including the newsies.

Among our selected platforms, you can find some educational articles and guides the platform owners have prepared for you.

Our selection of platforms can help you find the best loan option with better terms and fees. The educative corner can also help you find other solutions, such as credit repair services and more.

Limited APR

The next criterion that made us choose exactly these platforms is the limited APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Our five chosen platforms have limited the annual percentage rate charged on the personal loan. The APR was misused in the past, and many lenders charged over 500% APR on the loan’s principal.

This led to many debts and financial issues among the people, which is why some lending platforms decided to restrict it. This criterion helped us select lending platforms that might be much better for potential clients.

Terms and conditions

The following criteria allow you to consider whether the terms and fees are suitable for your financial goals. Online loans should push you further and help you reach your financial goals, not bring you down into debt.

All the platforms we chose for this article allow you to review the offer and think before taking any action. These lending platforms’ lender partners will let you take your time, review the loan offer, and even ask more about its terms and conditions.

Fast services

We ended our research by choosing platforms that offer fast services. Once you complete all the required processes and accept a loan offer, the lender will deposit the funds within 24 hours. Our selected platforms offer fast application, fast response, and fast funding.

No bank or other money provider will transfer funds this fast. Funding in 24h is excellent, especially if you need the money to cover emergency expenses.

Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider When Searching for Personal Loans For Poor Credit

  • The emergency level

Determine the emergency level and see if you have other financial solutions for the issue that brought you to this article. A personal loan might be a two-sided knife that may help you initially but charge you high-interest rates and fees. A personal loan can be the best and only solution if your situation has no way out.

If the emergency level is high-high, you can go on and apply for a personal loan immediately. On the other hand, you know that these loans are the best for situations that require fast-acting. Minutes to complete the form, a few hours to get the response, and 24h to get the funds.

  • How much you can afford

Getting a loan is like buying money of higher value. The lender will allow you to read the loan offer and see the total amount you should pay back to him. You should expect that the amount you should repay will be higher than the amount you have borrowed. The difference might be a few hundred USD, but sometimes, it might reach a whole thousand.

Calculate your regular living expenses, bills, and groceries from the total income and see if the amount that has been left is enough to cover the monthly rates and fees. Do not put yourself in danger if the loan’s monthly payments are crossing your budget a lot.

  • Fees, fees, and more fees

As you read the loan offer, you can see a lot of different fees charged to the loan’s principal. Some fees are one-time paid, and others exist until you repay the loan to its fullest. The fees you should be scared of are the penalty fees.

The lenders charge penalties if you disrespect the due date and miss the payments. It may cost you a lot, so try to remember the date and avoid paying penalties. A one-time penalty might cost you over $30, so be careful and stay responsible for the monthly payments.

  • Repayment time

The repayment time can be as low as 90 days (three months) and as high as six years (72 months). It is determined by many factors the lender considers, meaning it is different for everyone.

The first factor that determines the repayment time is the loan amount. Then, lenders will consider your creditworthiness, income, and other factors.

  • Red flags

Don’t accept the offer if there is anything that makes the lender suspicious. Ensure that the lender you connected to is a trusted and reputed loan provider to avoid scammers. Thousands of cyber crimes happen every day, and scammers can be met online.

Do not accept any loans by phone or share your bank account if someone asks via phone. Do not make prepayments because online borrowing is not working that way. The only thing you should do in these situations is to report a scammer.

We recommend checking the reviewed platforms since they have helpful and educative articles that may help you spot a scammer by following a few red flags.

FAQs On Small Personal Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. What can I do with the personal loan?

You can use the personal loan for a variety of purposes. It depends on your personal needs and the thing that brought you here.

This type of loan is often used for house repairs and renovations, car repairs, big events like weddings, funerals, and other unpredictable situations that require fast cash. Debt consolidation is also an excellent reason to apply for a personal loan online.

Some people apply for a personal loan to go on a vacation or spend the money on big purchases. However, it might not be that clever because the interest rate and the fees can be immensely high.

Q2. How to qualify for a personal loan?

Initially, you have to meet the platform’s qualification criteria. These criteria are simple and general and include:

  • Being over 18 years of age
  • Being a USA resident and able to prove it by sharing the SSN and ID number
  • Having an active checking account in a bank under your name
  • Meeting the lender’s income minimum
  • Having a steady monthly income, regardless of its source
  • Providing a phone number and email address.

Q3. Why does the personal loan have high-interest rates?

In most cases, this type of loan is unsecured and does not require collateral. This automatically points out that the lender gives you a personal loan and assumes the risk on your given promise to repay the borrowed amount.

High fees are characteristic and present in loans for clients with bad credit. These people are riskier than other borrowers, so the lenders defend themselves by putting high-interest rates.

On the other hand, everything evaluates much faster and conveniently, so the lenders feel a need to charge the clients for the fast services.

Q4. Why should I borrow via a lending platform?

The lending platforms exist intending to help clients and lenders unite much faster. Many borrowers do not know how and where to find a lender that might give them a reasonable offer, so these lending platforms do that to help both sides.

Lending platforms are free for the clients, offer simple online request forms, allow the clients to apply for a loan without physically going to the lender’s store, might enable the clients to receive multiple loan offers and choose among them, and a lot more.

Concluding On Get Personal Loans Near Me From Top Mortgage Lenders

Well, this is the very end of this article! We hope this article will help you search for the best personal loans on the market. Choosing a lending platform as a mediator for borrowing might be a jackpot. The process proceeds much faster, plus it is free for all clients.

You might get matched to a lender a few miles away, which is impossible to physically find. Choose a lending platform and just wait for the personal loan. The platform will do many things for you, saving time, money, and nerves.

So, find the best option for your needs and enjoy!

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