The Dusty Shelf looks to expand community meet-up, event options

Check out the new adult, young adult, and classics book clubs, plus a meet-and-greet with local authors and a launch party next month

Slowly but surely, changes are being made to The Dusty Shelf.

Formerly known as The Sequel, new owners Josh and Erica Smart bought the bookstore in the spring and reopened the business last May.

Their original plan — opening up the back of the store for wide community use — was aggressive and optimistic. Overly so, perhaps, since several of their ideas have yet to come to full fruition, but the Smarts are still working hard to reinvigorate the building by removing crowded shelves, donating multiple volumes of used books, and opening up the back of the store for community use.

You might already know the Smarts, maybe having rented a portable dumpster from The Smart Haul, their other local business.

Which begs the question — why buy a bookstore?

“We, on vacation, like to visit used book stores,” Josh said. “There’s actually one in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, that is — it’s fantastic… I always find some sort of antique in there that I absolutely have to read.”

Erica is the bigger reader of the two, though, and was quick on the draw when asked what her favorite book series was — “A Court Of Thrones And Roses” by Sara J. Maas.

The Dusty Shelf now has a website where you can view the store’s inventory and get updates on events; head to, or the business’ Facebook page at


While working toward making the inside of The Dusty Shelf more open and walkable, Erica and other community members are holding regular book club meetings.

As her favorite book series suggests, Erica is leading the Adult Fiction Book Club. The book being discussed at the upcoming meeting on Nov. 15, from 6 to 7 p.m., is “The Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros. The club will continue to meet on third Wednesdays throughout the year.

Then there is the Young Adult Book Club, hosted by employee Jenna Reynolds, is scheduled to meet on Nov. 17 from 5 to 6 p.m.; the chosen book was not listed online as of Oct. 23. The club plans to continue meeting on third Fridays.

Finally, the Classics Book Club is being hosted by volunteer Heather Mauk. The current focus for this club is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde; the club will meed Nov. 19 from 3 to 4 p.m. The club plans to continue meting third Sundays.

By signing up for a club, you can receive 20% off your book purchase.

For the littles, there are weekly story times with Josh’s mother, Kim, on Wednesdays from 11 to 11:30 a.m.

Finally, if you’re already planning to attend the Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce’s annual Wine Walk on Nov. 4, be sure to stop in the Dusty Shelf to meet myriad local authors like Rob Wachter (“The Art of Marketing Jesus”), James Peet (the “Corps of Discovery” series), Kimberly Wheelock (“Wonderland”), Ken Wilson (“Guilty as Sin”), Logan Rose (“The Secret Under Bunkhouse Seven”), Beau Chavassus (“The Tooth Larry”), Stephanie Kellogg (“The Immortals’ War” series”), Erin Carrougher (“Augland”), Blaze Ward (“Way of the Sword”), L.R. Sherwood (“Argent Myst”), Craig Snow (“Battery Street Kids Club”), JoAnn Larkin Jackson (“Adventures of a Wolfhound and the Leprechauns”), and possibly others.


The big plan for the back of the store is to turn it into a community space — tutoring, writing classes, community events, that sort of thing.

At least until the afternoon, when it will close to minors and start serving various libations.

“We want to just find different community events to use this space during the day, family friendly, and in the evening… we’ll do the wine lounge,” Erica said.

When, exactly, the lounge will open is to be determined, but Erica promised sometime next year.