A (wild) theory on the Biden documents

It’s possible they’re looking to replace him with the Vice President.

It’s such delicious irony that classified documents have been discovered on properties owned by President Biden. It wasn’t that long ago when Biden, fellow Democrats and the media rejoiced about Trump having classified documents on his property. They all drooled when the FBI raided Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago. They all drooled over the belief that Trump will finally go to prison. I wonder if Trump and Biden will share the same cell? That could be a sit-com show or reality show. Predictably, the Democrats are circling the wagons and saying they are two completely different circumstances.

There are three questions I have. Who put those documents on Biden’s properties? Who discovered them? How long have they been there? I enjoy a good conspiracy theory. So I will run with a good conspiracy theory.

I believe skullduggery and deception is alive and well in D.C. The Clinton Russia dossier is a glaring example of that. When Biden was elected President, I predicted that after two years in office, Biden was going to be removed as President and it was the Democrats that would do it. They would use his obvious signs dementia as the basis for his removal.

The reasons they would do it? They could usher in Kamala Harris as the first woman of color President. Oh, doesn’t that just make leftists heart beat wildly? I’m not a fan of Biden, but Harris would be terrifying as President. The other reason is that Democrats realize that Biden would be a drag on Democrats in the 2024 election and Biden would lose, after all he is just an old, white man.

Now with this classified document scandal looming, what better way to remove Biden? It would not surprise me if those documents were planted by Democrat operatives and “discovered” by Democrat operatives. That is an awesome conspiracy theory.

To my amazement, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate. This will make many people uncomfortable. Whichever way this scandal goes, it puts the DOJ in an awkward spot when it comes to Trump’s classified document scandal. I’m guessing Trump will not go to prison.

Jon Buss