Address security at Mt. Peak, not new views

What’s wrong with enjoying the forest for the trees?

Editor’s note: This letter is in reference to “A little off the top — King County proposes Mt. Peak tree cutting for view of Enumclaw, Rainier”, published June 15.

One of the best things about living in Enumclaw is Mt. Peak. During the winter, I hike the backside, enjoying the meandering trail through the woods up to the top (no road for me!).

During the summer, I hike the horrible, but great workout, trail on the front about three times a week in preparation for hiking in the National Parks. Mt. Peak is familiar to me, a safe, calming spot for both rejuvenation and physical well-being.

View? Is the view of Enumclaw worth sacrificing trees? What is wrong with a beautiful view of the tops of the trees? When in the lookout tower, one feels like being in a tree house.

So much change is happening in Enumclaw, Black Diamond, Maple Valley — every where you look, swaths of beautiful forests are being cut down. There is no good reason to lose more trees, especially in a place people come to enjoy trees!

What Mt. Peak really needs is trail maintenance. With increased usage, the trail has become more rough with roots and rock. Another issue to address is the car prowling in both parking areas, a concern expressed often among local hikers.

Please, do not alter Mt. Peak, it serves the local community well just as it is.

Debora Akers