As a student, I support the ESD bond

Our buildings and facilities are dilapidated. This must be fixed.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

In today’s day and age, when it is especially important to have an education, it is critical that students are set up for success. Many of our schools and facilities, including Byron Kibler Elementary, the Birth to Five Center (J.J. Smith Elementary), the EHS Auditorium, and the Pete’s Pool sports stadium, are setting students back rather than helping them because of their run-down states. Here in Enumclaw, we need to enhance and rebuild school facilities for students and the community.

New schools are essential in the ESD because of deterioration and the growing number of students. For example, Byron Kibler Elementary has buckets in the building to catch leaking water. The boiler system sometimes sends in air that feels cold instead of warm.

Both Kibler and the Birth to Five Center are almost 70 years old, which passes the normal age of school buildings by about 30 years. These facilities desperately need to be replaced. In addition, the number of students in the Enumclaw School District is quickly growing. Our solution to this is to build another elementary school in Black Diamond, which will accommodate the students coming from the Ten Trails neighborhood. In order to provide for young students in Enumclaw, we need new elementary schools.

It is time to replace our athletic facilities and Performing Arts Center. An example of this is that Pete’s Pool was built in the 1930s, so it doesn’t fulfill the needs of our students and community today. Another athletic complex will be built, with locker rooms, accessible restrooms, and more seating. This will enable us to host state and regional competitions, as well as our own graduations. This will benefit not only students but also our community.

However, Pete’s Pool will not be torn down so the nostalgia and history will still be there.

Furthermore, a new EHS Auditorium is necessary. It is aging and in order to keep the current one, many upgrades would be required for it to stay functional and safe. This shows that the best option is to replace the Performing Arts Center altogether. It is essential that our athletic complex and auditorium are rebuilt.

The Enumclaw School District needs new schools, as well as facilities for athletics and performing arts. Students must be prepared for the world as best they can since having an education is crucial in the modern world. Due to their dilapidated conditions, many of our schools and infrastructures are keeping children from rising to their full potential rather than benefiting them. It’s true that the cost of the bond is steep, but it is worth it and necessary. For these reasons, I encourage you to vote yes to the Enumclaw School District 2023 bond.

Senna Burt

Enumclaw Middle School student