Biden is tanking America

He’s waging war on everything that makes this country great and prosperous.

Mr. Benson, like many other liberals you failed to recognize that President Trump has not been in office for over 20 months (“What are conservatives trying to conserve, anyway?” published Aug. 31).

Current President is Joe Biden, who is in obvious cognitive decline, does not remember that he is the president. You mentioned racism and bigotry but did not mention that it comes from the left.

However, there is a war and it is on white men, boys, traditional family structure.

You listed Trumps faults but not his accomplishments. That’s OK, lets look at Biden’s record: Open borders to illegals, drug smugglers rapists, sex trafficking and unknown felons. We went from gas and oil independence to dependence on our enemies. We have high gas and food prices and many empty store shelves. We’re importing baby food, dog food and medicine from China. There’s low military moral and recruiting and failing schools — he wants to close charter and private schools.

He has diverse staff but unqualified. He wants to change the constitution, pack our courts and change our judicial system. He is a dictator who discourages free thinking and opinion, but promotes cancel culture.

He has never had a business or run one but has made millions. How does that happen? Oh yes, Burisma/China deals. He will make even more from the “Green Clear Air Act”.

Our cities are now havens to high crime, drugs, homelessness and lawlessness. There is more but this should help you some to know where our once great country is headed.

Sophia Bogh