Businesses — time to open up your doors

The state can’t close you all.

This letter was written by a business owner and has no association with the Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce.

There is a movement to get all the Chambers throughout the state to encourage all the businesses to simply open up for business. The state is currently experiencing life under Marxist rule where one person is dictating what businesses will survive and what businesses should die. That one person is also telling the citizens how to live their private lives.

In November and December of 2019 the ruling party in Washington somehow had the foresight to pass a law granting the governor far more power than previous governors ever had. How they knew three months before any news reports about a virus was coming has to make you suspicious of giving so much power to one person.

There is far to much going on that makes no sense. Such as closing fishing, boating, hiking, outdoor sports and camping. With schools closed this generation will be damaged for a lifetime with emotional scars and a poor education.

Private businesses are the lifeblood of government by supplying close to 100 percent of the money it takes to fund every government expense. Private businesses pay for all local and state employees including teachers, police, firefighters, etc. This state will have a massive 20 percent budget shortfall, yet government employees are at close to 100 percent employed.

Without all businesses up and running there is no way to stop a meltdown in this state. And a federal bailout is insanity and highly unlikely.

There are 150,000 businesses in the state of Washington. If you are one of them, open your business! Government will not go after a massive number of businesses for simply conducting a legal business! “The government derives it power from the people”. Use the power you own!

Ted DeVol