Elfers — stop writing about Trump

You don’t represent Enumclaw, and the Courier-Herald needs to hire someone that does.

This letter is in response to the multiple, anti-Trump columns that Richard Elfers has written over the last year. I’m not going to get in the weeds and debate each of his opinions in each of his columns — I’m here to help Richard. My letter is going to be therapeutic to Richard and his mental health. Then maybe, he will stop raising his middle finger to the citizens of southeast King County and northeast Pierce County.

Richard, we get it, you hate Trump! And you hate his supporters! You really need to seek professional help, Richard — your Trump Derangement Syndrome is clear and obvious and getting worse. Just FYI Richard, only you and your fellow leftists in the media actually care about Jan. 6 and actually believe it was an “insurgency”. We weren’t on the brink of collapse because a protest got out of hand. Leftists like you should be fully aware of how protests can get out of hand because your fellow lefties have conducted hundreds of protests that have gotten out of control. But not a peep from you about those leftists’ protests and how much damage they have done to this country.

To answer some of your questions in your columns. No, I don’t regret voting for Trump. No, I don’t care about Jan. 6. And if Trump had won in 2020 and we had “gotten our way”, this country would be in a much better position economically, domestically and on an international stage than it is now. Just FYI Richard, Trump has not been president for over a year now. Joe Biden is now President. Dementia Joe has worked hard in outpacing Obama as the worst president this country has seen. Yes, even more weak and feckless than Obama. But I’m sure you voted for Dementia Joe. Have you noticed empty shelves in the stores? Joe did that. Have you noticed China and Russia positioning to move militarily? Joe did that. Have you noticed the high gas prices? Joe did that. But not a peep from Richard. No, he hates Trump and will only write about him.

Now, I am not a cancel culture leftist, so I am not into demanding people be fired or companies boycotted because they hold a different opinion than me. I am a First Amendment absolutist. I would like to see the Courier-Herald hire a true conservative to be a reporter/journalist. I know they are out there. The newspaper has taken a sharp turn to the left over the last 10 years and hiring a true conservative onto the staff would be reparations to the customers and citizens of the Plateau.

Richard does not reflect the views and values of the Plateau. This part of King and Pierce Counties supported Trump and lean conservative. I think hiring a conservative to reflect the views and values of this community will be a step in the right direction to repair the damage Richard has caused with his violent rhetoric.

Jon Buss