Forgiving student loans unfair to most Americans

What ever happened to good work ethics?

This week, President Biden announced his desire to “forgive” about a trillion dollars in college student loans.

I’m guessing millions of college graduates that worked hard while in school and after they graduated to pay off their college loans feel like complete idiots for paying off those loans.

I’m also guessing that millions of people who did not go to college and went straight into the work force will feel some anger that they may have to pay for the college degrees of college graduates. A person making $50,000 a year helping pay the college loans of someone making $100,000 sounds real logical.

Also, people who wanted to go to college but couldn’t afford it will also feel anger because they may have to pay for the college degrees of someone else when they couldn’t afford to pay for a college education for themselves.

So much for work ethic or working hard to accomplish something in life. It’s similar to Biden and the Democrats wanting to give citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants flooding across the border. The legal immigrants that jumped through all the legal hoops to come to this country to seek the American dream must feel stupid jumping through all those hoops when all they needed to do was illegally cross the border and have idiot politicians fight to give them citizenship.

I hope the Republicans continue to fight and obstruct the Democrats to prevent the tax payers from having to pay for the college degrees of doctors, lawyers, CPAs and others that make a decent living because of that college degree. There is something to be said about working hard to achieve goals in life. It builds character much more than getting free stuff at other people’s expense.

Biden and his fellow Democrat politicians are complete idiots. They have zero common sense and are willing to screw people over to get a few more votes.

The November election can’t arrive quick enough.

Jon Buss