Griner rescue makes U.S. a laughingstock

Biden left an American hero behind to bring back a one-percenter sports star.

The Biden Administration secured the release of professional basketball player Brittney Griner. And all the low information people cheered! Afterall, you can smoke weed all day in this country, why shouldn’t you have that “right” in another country? I guess the simple answer is this. Each country has their own laws, and those laws need to be respected by people visiting from other countries. I know I shouldn’t bring firearms when I visit Canada because they have laws against firearm possession and a person being able to defend themselves with firearms.

What the low information person has missed in this case is that the Biden Administration agreed to release Viktor Gout from federal prison and return him to Russia. Viktor Gout is known as “The Merchant of Death” because he dealt in selling weapons to extremist groups, to include groups that planned to kill Americans. So Russia gets The Merchant of Death back and we get a rich, entitled professional athlete that has a deep-seated hatred for the United States. She has done nothing but grinch and moan about this Country. I guess she checked enough “woke” boxes for the Biden Administration to risk public safety while securing more votes from “woke”, leftist voters. Bottomline, Putin 1, Biden 0. Again, another loss for Biden and the United States.

What is even more maddening is there is a former Marine named Paul Whelan who still remains imprisoned in Russia. I guess a pro American white male doesn’t check the right boxes for Biden. This whole exchange would have been tolerable if Paul Whelan had been included in the exchange. I guess we have to give Russia another international terrorist to get Paul Whelan freed.

How many more failures have to occur with the Biden Administration before people have had enough? Starting with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan to the laughable Inflation Reduction Act, to Biden attempting to shake hands with people that aren’t there, Biden falling up the stairs to Air Force 1, then this boondoggle prisoner exchange. We are the laughing stock of the world and no other country respects us.

I can only pray that in 2024 the Republicans take back the Senate and Ron DeSantis is elected President. Because what we have now is a disaster.

Enjoy your freedom Brittney Griner. I’m sure you will still cry how racist and bigoted this Country is while the Merchant of Death continues his murderous ways. The blood of many people will be on your hands Brittney while you make your millions. All because you decided to break the law of another country because you wanted to get high. Pathetic, entitled 1%er professional athlete.

Jon Buss