History is made by those who want money and power

It’s a lesson we should all have learned by now.

This letter is in response to Larry Benson’s letter in the March 8th edition (“FOX ‘News’ is the real disease”).

Larry has posed an interesting question. He believes the answer to the question of why FOX News (actually a propaganda publication and not a news organization) would lie, was to destroy our democracy. This is probably the desire of many of Trump’s minions as well as Trump himself. It is the same motive we see with Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi, to do away with democracy and replace it with a dictatorship.

Personally, I believe Rupert Murdock was instead, and still is, simply following Johnson’s Law of History. Let me explain this law with Rule One: In the course of human interactions, be they political, revolutions, commerce, religion, war and even peace, when you wish to understand who, why, and the how, follow the buck.

Rule Two? There is no Rule Two, you missed it, go back to Rule One.

Unfortunately, history as usually taught in school and written down is boring. This is because it’s the usual names, dates, places, battles, as well as how people ate, dressed, and danced. This does not reveal the actually exciting hidden history of those who pulled the real strings and avoided being noticed.

To really understand why things happen takes more time, investigation and analysis. Rupert Murdock was simply making sure that the FOX liars did not tell the truth and cause him to lose a buck. This was the hidden history behind the years of lies and the man behind the curtain who ordered them told, or he would fire those who cost him his wealth.

Eugene Clegg