FOX ‘News’ is the real disease

When ratings are more important to truth, our democracy will fail.

Many thanks to Stanley McKie for his response (“The issue of immigration is far more nuanced than ‘secure our border’”, published March 3) to another ridiculous rant from Jon Buss, I have gotten a little tired of responding to his obviously ill-informed letters where he will use the flimsiest of excuses to bad-mouth our president and any and all other liberals.

He has stated that he thinks liberalism is a mental disease but if anything he is the one with a mental problem. The recent revelations regarding FOX News and their lying on air while privately knowing what they were spouting were falsehoods only confirms what many of us have known for many years, that is, that they will say whatever they think is necessary to fire up their base and keep their ratings high, never mind the damage they cause to our country and the truth.

I fail to understand the reasoning behind what they are doing, it seems their goal is the overthrow of our democracy. I can see no other explanation that makes sense.

When you use your (supposed) news organization to continually spout lies and dis-information I can’t see any other goal that they might have in mind. Since the end of the two conservative guest columns by Dan Shannon and David Cannon (who has since left the area for a more conservative area of the country), I have had little need to defend the many liberal-minded folks in our community and it is nice to see others take up the mantle. Just sayin’.

Larry Benson