Know who is representing you

Why distance yourself from radical behavior, but still use the name of the group?

I appreciate the in-depth reporting of Courier-Herald regarding Black Diamond council member Chris Wisnoski’s association with the group called Washington State “Three Percenters.” It’s important for voters to know who represents them. In the article council member Wisnoski distanced himself from the radical behavior of other “Threepers” around the country. But it leaves me wondering why he would want to be associated with an organization that has national ties to violence. There are other great nonprofits that do charity work in the community, but he has chosen to be a board member of the state chapter of this far-right group.

Personally, I’m opposed to radical behavior and ideology on either side. That’s why when Black Diamond’s city council was in chaos a few years ago (being led by left-wing council members who thought it was OK to break the law) I played an active role in getting two members replaced by electing them out of office and the successful recalled of the final council member. Radical beliefs and actions on the left or the right are not productive for any community and should be called out.

Online comments about this article share concerns that the article was one sided or even written by Democrats. It’s unfortunate that the Republican 5th Leg. District (who endorsed Mr. Wisnoski’s city council bid) did not take the opportunity to make a statement on Mr. Wisnoski behalf. It makes me wonder why.

As Kristina’s deLeon’s Campaign Manager, I want to dispel the rumor that Kristiana or her campaign wrote or pitched this story to the Courier-Herald. That did not happen. It’s my understanding that citizens concerned about council member Wisnoski’s racist social media posts raised the awareness that led to this article. I’ve noticed Mr. Wisnoski has deleted these posts now. Again, I wonder why.

I’ve been honored to help Kristiana deLeon run for Black Diamond city council because she is a bright, articulate, passionate young women. She has been a teacher for the past seven years in the Kent and Tahoma School Districts. Recently she changed careers and took a new job to make more time in her life to be an effective, engaged council member. Kristiana has knocked on more doors and talked to more BD residents about their city concerns than any other candidate I’ve been associated with in my ten years volunteering on BD city politics. Kristiana has heard the concerns of the citizens and is ready to put her passion for the city to work on resolving these concerns. I encourage BD voters to vote for Kristiana deLeon.

Johna Thomson

Black Diamond

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