Letter to the Editor: Bigotry is not just a past problem

Regular writer Larry Benson says people need to realize that racism is a contemporary an issue.

Aah, to live in the perfect world of Vivian Cadematori (“Why the ESD board should remove the land acknowledgement” published Feb. 21), a world where there are no victims of ethnic discrimination and bigotry, a world where everyone in our society enjoys the same rights and advantages as everyone else.

She apparently thinks we live in that world right now but in the real world things are not so rosy.

Unfortunately there is still a large segment of our country, white people, who think the color of their skin gives them special status that places them above people of color or other religions.

To claim that these prejudices and that bigotry don’t exist is to turn a blind eye to the many problems regarding those issues that continue to plague our country, and yes, our region in particular. Just sayin’.

Larry Benson