Letter to the Editor: Out social safety nets are at stake in debt ceiling talks

Former subscriber Jennifer Sandoval weighs in on the debt ceiling debate.

My subscription has ended and I was not able to renew because of finances. I do not know what has been said in the editorials, but I have something to say.

The MAGA Republicans in the House and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy are holding the Debt Ceiling hostage. They won’t approve it unless cuts to Assistance for needy Families (TANF), The Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) and Medicaid. They also want to add work requirements and toughen existing work requirements for Medicaid. They want to cut Veterans Medical by 22%.

These things could and should be discussed at a separate discussion and not put on the Debt Ceiling. The House Republicans are putting all Americans in jeopardy. Trump’s Debt Ceiling was raised three times with no stipulations.

Also for anyone on Social Security if the Debt Ceiling fails you may not get your Social Security payments for a while, and that’s what I live off of.

If the Debt Ceiling is not raised you need to hold House Republicans at fault. And for all you MAGA people, Trump said you should always raise the Debt Ceiling. But during his town hall he said he wouldn’t raise it. When asked why he changed his mind he said because he is no longer president and laughed.

He doesn’t care what happens to you or anyone. He reminds me of the old time snake oil salesmen who preyed on poor, naive and uneducated families or ones who were so desperate for answers or cures, says what they want to hear and if they take to his rhetoric he continues until he has them all believing everything that he says. And then takes their money.

Everyone has their opinion but when we were under Trump I was depressed, full of anxiety knowing that someone who has been proven to lie so much and has no compassion or empathy for anyone. I do not want to go through that again. Some say Biden is too old, but if Trump is elected he would be older than Biden when he was elected.

Trump is unhinged and will take it out on all of us, his revenge. The Republican party has changed. It no longer exists. It’s not what it used to stand for. It’s the MAGA party. In my opinion it now stands for the party of white supremacy and of insurrectionists, the party of massacres.

This is my opinion and how I feel and I accept that you may have a different one and that is ok, and it should always be okay to disagree and have different opinions that’s why we live in a democracy and hopefully you will choose to keep it that way.

Jennifer Sandoval