Letter to the Editor: Why hasn’t a higher power come down from heaven?

Reader Larry Benson continues to ask questions about faith and religion.

When I am often confronted by a religious person after I say that there is no evidence that god exists and their retort is that I there is no evidence that god doesn’t exist I have never really had a proper response.

Well here is my irrefutable and uncontestable evidence that a supreme being does not exist.

If a supreme being existed and that being wanted mankind to worship it, for what reason that would be, to me is still unclear. That being would simply have to announce itself to the world, all of mankind, simultaneously, not just occasionally to a few individuals here and there and none of them for centuries, that it was, indeed, the creator of all living things.

This simple act would end all speculation about whose god was the true god and how exactly we should worship it, on our knees, on our forehead or against a wall. This entity could simply spell it all out for everyone.

The simple fact that this has never happened and never will happen is a perfect example of all the proof any reasonable person should need that there is really no god, there never has been, and that religion has always been an instrument of man himself to control the masses. I am looking forward to the many responses I will undoubtedly receive regarding this statement. Just sayin’.

Larry Benson