Letter to the Editor: Will my son get justice?

Reader Larry Benson speaks about his son being attacked at work.

I have wanted retribution before in my life but never so much as I do now.

My son is an assistant manager at the Pizza Hut in Enumclaw and on Sunday, Oct. 22, a young man created an incident in the parking lot of Pizza Hut involving three employees.

This young man accused one of them of damaging his car and he started a fight with one of them and the other two joined in to help their co-worker; my son was inside and came out to attempt to defuse the situation whereupon the young man sucker punched him with such force that his jaw, cheekbone and eye socket were all broken.

He was rushed to the local hospital and then by ambulance to Harborview where he was evaluated and set up with an appointment for reconstructive surgery on his eye socket. He was fortunate enough that the jaw bone breakage will not need to have his jaw wired shut but he will be on soft food diet for an undetermined amount of time.

The saying that no good deed goes unpunished certainly rings true in this case as all he was trying to do was stop the fight.

Thankfully the young man was apprehended by police and charged with felony assault and three counts of misdemeanor assault. He was held for three days in the Enumclaw jail and has had four orders of protection and a no trespass order taken out against him.

My only hope for justice is that whomever is prosecuting this case will take it to trial so our family can confront this man and make him fully comprehend the pain and suffering he has caused.

I am not, however, optimistic that this will happen. I think it is much more likely that the prosecutor will accept some kind of plea and not take this matter to trial. This seems, all to often, to be the function of our justice system in this day and age.

I only hope I am wrong.

Larry Benson