New columnist should walk a mile in police officer shoes

The left doesn’t really care about facts, and not about race, either.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to “System U.S. racism is a broken promise to us all,” published Sept. 9, 2020.

My first thoughts were that Miss Daisy received her talking points from the thieves, vandals and louts that have peacefully destroyed Democrat-run cities across this country. I also thought leftist pablum straight out of a Marxism 101 class. But I can chalk up her opinion to ignorance due to lack of life experience.

Miss Daisy wants us all to believe that systemic racism exists everywhere and her evidence is police brutality. She then twists FBI statistics on officer-involved shootings. If Miss Daisy had any intellectual honesty, she would have dug a little deeper and looked at every officer-involved shooting. Because every officer-involved shooting has different facts and circumstances which if looked at in a serious light, a reasonable person would say the officer was justified in a vast majority of those shootings. But she told us she doesn’t care what the person was doing or if they were resisting arrest. Miss Daisy, it’s not as simple as the leftist talking point of “Judge, jury and executioner.”

But Miss Daisy doesn’t care about the facts, she sees only race. She wants us to believe that there are a bunch of white, racist cops randomly shooting an armed black man. Are there bad shootings? Yes. Are there are bad apples in the law-enforcement profession? Yes. But police have made huge strides in training to try to minimize those types of situations. And defunding police will not work and is not the answer.

Miss Daisy and her fellow leftists, for some reason, demand that people, “Say their name.” Here are some names Miss Daisy can say. Bryant Searcy. Tamarris Bohannon. Julian Keen. Waldis Johnson. Breann Leath. These are African-Americans that chose the noble profession of law-enforcement. And these African-Americans were murdered in the line of duty. Murdered for doing their jobs. Say their names Miss Daisy, say their names.

The dirty little secret is that Miss Daisy and her fellow leftists don’t care about African-American law-enforcement professionals. I’m sure they think they are “sellouts” to their race. And I believe that the thieves, vandals and louts and other leftists that are peacefully destroying Democrat-run cities don’t care about racism, they only care about furthering a leftist political agenda. And the race issue is a convenient way to further that cause. And, destroying law enforcement will only create an atmosphere of anarchy, which creates perfect conditions for an insidious political movement to take root.

Miss Daisy needs to walk a mile in the shoes of a police officer. Do a ride-along. I am guessing she would rather lob bombs from the sidelines in an effort to destroy a noble profession.

J. Buss


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