Pass the bond, support a new home for arts at ESD

We theater kids love our home, but we need to modernize to achieve our full potential.

As a member of both the choir and drama programs and a person who has close friends in the orchestra and band groups at Enumclaw High School, I can confidently say that our arts are a top priority in our lives.

We could discuss for hours all of the reasons we need and deserve a new performing arts center, but ultimately everything comes down to what is most important: the theater is our home. These programs are where we go to feel safe and loved, and it is where we belong.

These groups are not simply just school activities or extracurriculars, but rather these are groups that have become a family, and every family deserves a warm, welcoming home to be in.

Right now, our home is run down – it is old. We love our home, but it needs an upgrade in order for us to be able to achieve our full potential and gain the respect we have earned. In our current situations, we often struggle with extreme temperatures – whether that be hot or cold – leaks, and limited spacing. People look at our theater and don’t think twice about caring to keep it clean or being careful of the treatment of its walls and everything it contains.

Of course, we are able to make the best of everything and are appreciative to have our place, but we all dream about the day our home will be a sparkling, beautiful place where everyone wants to be. Our programs are some of the best in the county and state, and we deserve to have a physical representation of that.

A new auditorium could support all of us and many others. It could be a place where Enumclaw events for other ESD schools or groups in the community can be held safely and enjoyably. The bonds for a new theater are not a want, to our family it is a necessity to be able to keep doing the things we love and live for, without any worry.

We hope that our passion for the arts and our groups are enough to convince the people of Enumclaw that we have the right to a new auditorium. No matter how things turn out, we will always stand up, speak out, and play it with love.

Lynn Shook

EHS Senior