President Clinton and Democratic hypocrisy

Just wait — President Biden will get his.

Larry Benson returns to restate the same tired liberal talking points which definitely cure one’s insomnia (“What are conservatives trying to conserve, anyway?” pubished Aug. 31). Always curious how the Trump economy and leadership can only be challenged by reverting to criticizing his character/hair color/family/number of wives, etc. all emotional, tabloid issues that speak more to the writer’s hatred than Trumps achievements.

Okay, so Trump has married three times. Recall the John F. Kennedy era. This iconic, near Democrat deity, had a dozen plus dalliances while in office. His reason, they “relieved his headaches” (Try that excuse). Was he abusing his wedding vows or Jackie’s trust? Any chance some lying also occurred? The Dems’ golden boy had the liberal media’s and other pols’ protections.

Then the philanderer and prevaricator-in-chief Bill Clinton who, as a serial bedder, lied about it resulting in impeachment. All brushed aside by the progressive left. Sadly, Democrat and Republican politicians dead or in office have stretched the moral borders too often.

The above issues provide a smoke screen over any positive happenings. Trump had high economic growth, low inflation, lowest unemployment of African/Hispanic Americans, lowest women’s unemployment in 65 years, USA was one of the largest producers of oil, low fuel prices, foreign country’s respect, etc. This matters not as the progressive banshee’s mantra reigns the airways. Their spurious hatred cannot allow them to speak well of any Trump achievements.

Benson referenced the “emoluments clause” indicating Trump’s family and sycophants enriching themselves. Be patient: if and when, the Hunter Biden debacle comes to fruition with a serious investigation of Bidens’ Ukrainian and China connections, President Joe and his boy will have much for which to account.

Mr. Benson, good to have you back to help provide some comedic relief in the newspaper.

George Terhaar