Protecting school choice is important

Without being able to choose his school, my son would not have been a successful student.

We enrolled Jacob at Insight School of Washington (ISWA) to best support him through high school graduation. Jacob was struggling with both attendance and low grades. He needed a different way to finish school. We found ISWA, public school at home, where the teachers, the curriculum, and the method work in concert to personalize a successful plan for each child. ISWA’s approach changed Jacob into a thriving student!

Jacob has ADHD and needs to move around — he was easily distracted in the traditional classroom, while also distracting his peers. He’s had an IEP the majority of his education to be additionally resourced for Math and Language Arts. Labeled as special education student, but not not formally diagnosed, Jacob didn’t fit standard education or special education — he fell somewhere in between and needed something different than what his local public school could offer him.

While at ISWA, Jacob has improved his failing grades and feels successful during his live class connect sessions, held by online teachers, attending with other students throughout the state. Jacob is learning in his best environment! His teachers are amazing and inspire him towards his graduation goal.

ISWA provides many and varied resources to meet Jacob’s needs through his IEP — he’s never lost any accommodations brick and mortar offered. In fact, ISWA gave him even more! ISWA has changed the way Jacob envisioned himself. We are so thankful to have found ISWA and want the state of Washington protect school choice for all our students and families.

Tanya Porter


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