Right to abortion too fundamental to leave to the states

Freedom of choice is paramount.

This is a twofold response to Jon Buss’s letter (“Shrier is the real extremist”, published Oct. 19). The only thing that Matt Larkin seems to be running on is his desire to see crime become illegal again. Improving the economy, lowering the cost of living, and border and public safety are his worthwhile goals, but what are his methods of achieving them? Without evidence of how he would proceed I would call these empty promises.

I will agree that we are seeing shoplifting, car prowls, catalytic converter theft, etc. all on the increase. These have a common origin that dates to 2019 and COVID. When I attempted to apply for a concealed weapons permit two years ago, the King County Police said I couldn’t get fingerprinted. When I inquired how they dealt with petty crime, they said that since they had no jail space away from the virus available to hold them, and no way to fingerprint them: they simply gave them a court date and turned them loose. It doesn’t take a genius to see why and where this has led.

My other concern is Mr. Buss’ belief that an individual such as a poor pregnant woman or a child pregnant by rape or incest should be forced to give birth. Our nation has had a history of defending more freedoms for everyone, be they black, brown, female or homosexual. Only now are we seeing these decisions being thrown back to state’s rights. If basic rights of marriage, abortion, and contraception are to be determined by individual states, then we are at the same point as our nation was in 1861, where each state could determine whether or not slavery was legal. These rights are also too fundamental to be left to individual states.

I am not going to argue here about the morality of abortion but point out that after 50 years we are trying to take away that decision from the mother. If you really want, Mr. Buss, to have your government arbitrarily decide for you how to conduct your life, then there are several nations you might wish to move to. I would strongly suggest Iran where as a woman you have to accede to a government’s religious wish to conform or be beaten to death. To object you would be considered extremist. People such as yourself are the extremists and are not happy unless everyone else agrees with you. Sorry, but your desire to force others to agree to your beliefs is what got us our Constitution; it’s called freedom of religion.

Personally I prefer living in a nation that lets people decide for themselves what religion, politics, and life style suites them.

Postscript: You can now get fingerprinted by the King County Police.

Eugene Clegg