Schrier the real extremist

Matt Larkin reflects our local values.

The November election is fast approaching. I’m sure most people have made up their minds. For those who have not, here is my review of one issue.

Republicans, like Matt Larkin, are running on improving the economy, lowering costs of living, border safety and public safety.

The Democrats are running on outlawing gas operated vehicles, outlawing natural gas, outlawing speech related to LGTQ+ they don’t agree with with, protecting their criminal friends and family by defunding police and abortion.

I am going to center on abortion. Democrats are quick to call Republicans “extremists’ when it come to abortion. But who are the real extremists? After all, Democrats have no problem with ending the life of an unborn baby up until the due date of that baby. Think about that. For those of you that know kids that were born premature, you know those babies can live on their own and they can grow up to be exceptional. Can you imagine running on a platform that believes terminating the life of an unborn baby equates to freedom? Any citizen that votes for candidates that believes terminating the life of an unborn baby equates to freedom is just as sick as the candidate.

The contrast is the Republicans, who believe in reasonable abortion control. The red state of Kansas voted to keep abortion legal. But they have restrictions. Other red states have implemented reasonable abortion laws that restrict abortion after three to four months, but they have kept it legal. Any man and woman expecting a child have had an ultrasound and at a certain point, there are limbs, fingers, toes and a heartbeat. That unborn child is an individual that deserves the opportunity for living life. Democrats disagree and believe that the mother and abortionist being able to abort that baby up until the due date is the definition of freedom. Just sick and evil.

Our local U.S. Representative, Kim Schrier, has no issue with abortion on demand up until the due date. She does not reflect the values of this community. As a pediatrician you would think she would understand the process of child development. She is the extremist when it comes to abortion.

On a side note, did you know Kim Schrier was a doctor? With all the garbage mail she sends outs, all the radio and TV ads she puts out, you would think she would identify herself as a doctor. After all, doctors are experts at politics and public policy and you would think she would want everyone know she is a doctor (tongue in cheek).

Many low-information voters believe the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade outlawed abortions. It did not. It left the decision up to individual states, which is what the U.S. Constitution requires. This decision is one the greatest, most well thought out constitutional decisions in our history. I don’t understand the Democrats fake outrage.

Vote for Matt Larkin. He is not an extremist and reflects the values of our district.

Jon Buss