There’s a reason we have generalizations

Sometimes, the observations we make about a few people are accurate to the group.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to “Generalizations only divide us more,” published Sept. 9, 2020.

While I have always thought that generalizations are not a good way to look at any other group, sometimes observable behavior is the only way to draw conclusions regarding any other group or organization. Using the scientific method of, observation, developing theories and then systematically conducting more research to either prove or disprove those theories, Republicans — and I don’t mean people who vote for them but the actual politicians who proudly wear that label — pretty much measure up to the things Mr. Elfers labels them with.

Not espousing to either party but definitely leaning progressive, I would have to agree with the observations he has made based on past and current behavior by members of that party. Some of the observations that make his point are; always favoring the rich at the cost of the less fortunate and numerous attempts to make life harder for the lesser among our society while constantly showering favor on the very well-to-do (the “Trickle Down” theory is a prime example of this). The result of which has been a constant rush, not a trickle of wealth, to the select few at the top with absolutely no trickle down whatsoever.

Since Reagan espoused this theory 40 years ago, the rich have gotten disproportionately richer while the poor and middle class have languished at the bottom and, in fact, become much worse off than before this policy was implemented. In fact, we now have a greater disparity between the rich and everyone else than we had before the Great Depression. It is the opinion of most economists that when you put money into the hands of the less fortunate, they tend to spend that money and in doing so bolster the economy, but in every way imaginable the Republicans continue to try and find ways to eliminate helping the less fortunate.

This does, indeed, seem to be a policy issue, as in; take away Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, dismantle the Affordable Care Act with nothing to replace it, even though they have had nine years and counting to try and come up with a better plan. In fact, the only “policy” they seem to have is doing away with everything the Democrats have accomplished to help the general population, and while that may not be a fact, from every observable perspective, it is what they do.

Larry Benson


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