To support local restaurants, bring your own utensils

It’s a safe idea for everyone involved.

We have been discussing how to help support our local restaurants. Those we talked to said they just don’t feel safe having someone else handling their silverware, napkins, glassware and beer or wine bottles. Less handling between customer and worker seems prudent.

They know that forks and spoons often end up on the tablecloth, or table, that people touch their face and mouth a lot. And touch the table… with credit cards, hands, straws, used napkins, phones. Droplets can travel out 16 feet from coughing, laughing and sneezing. Are restaurants disinfecting tablecloths or tables and arms of chairs between each customer? What about the condiments on the table? The menus?

People I’ve talked to want to be safe, and these are the quandaries that keep them from dining in or outside.

It was touted in several COVID blogs by doctors who suggested when others come over to dinner at your house, they bring their own plates, utensils, glassware, and napkins. And stay in an outdoor setting. This seems proactive.

Are there options for those who want to come back to dining, and in doing so, help support their restaurant? To feel safe, could they bring their own utensils, napkins, even their own drinking vessel? Could they bring wipes to clean off handled beer and wine bottles, glassware, table coverings or table tops and arms of chairs?

Surely this must sound extreme to many, but if there are options that generate more customers supporting our local restaurants and keeping customers as safe as possible, perhaps a few changes can keep our restaurants above water.

Mel Skye