Victims of local crimes, speak up

Employees are demoralized, and the police have their hands tied.

Are customers aware of the theft going on in our stores? I first heard of this when I was told of people coming into a beauty products store with a big bag, filling it, and walking out without paying. The store employees have been told to do nothing. I was shocked when I heard about this.

A local grocery store where I shop, after enquiring from the employees, said there are thefts seven to eight times a day. Again, the employees have been told to do nothing. What is this world coming to?

At this store, as you can imagine, the morale is very low. I see no joy, grim faces, and resignation.

The police’s hands are tied also. I reported a theft, but I knew that nothing would come of it. Property crime is so far down the list. I guess this is because it costs more to prosecute than it is worth.

I would like to see some comments from the police, and other concerned citizens, in this paper. What can be done about this?

Sarah Berryman