While we fight against COVID-19, let’s also target TB

Might as well take out two birds with one stone.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it is crucial that the U.S does it’s part to help developing countries in their ongoing efforts to end Tuberculosis (TB), an incredibly infectious disease that acts similarly to COVID-19.

As an ambassador and supporter for The Borgen Project, a national campaign that is working to make extreme poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy as well as ending TB in developing countries, and as a constituent of Lake Tapps, I urge Senator Cantwell and Senator Murray to co-sponsor the End Tuberculosis Now Act.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, there is a growing concern about its negative impact on current TB efforts and the potential impact COVID-19 can have on people who have TB. Our own dilemma with COVID-19 here must not take away from helping other nations.

Without a renewed focus on helping end TB, the global pandemic could reverse many years of progress in ending TB. This is important as people who are experiencing extreme poverty are more likely to not have access to proper healthcare. This Act would help people who are unable to help themselves. So I call upon our leaders to support the End Tuberculosis Now Act.

Tessa Rodgers

Lake Tapps