Know your city’s fireworks ordinances before celebrating Independence Day

All fireworks are banned in unincorporated King County, but your cities have different rules.

Tomorrow is the big day, but Plateau resident may want to keep in mind local rules and regulations when it comes to fireworks.

While letting lose is allowed in Enumclaw, Black Diamond, and Buckley on certain days and limited hours, King County has far stricter rules.

Fireworks were officially banned for sale and use on unincorporated land in 2022, and enforcement of the new law began last year with a $250 fine.

“While the Fourth of July is a time for celebration, King County joins other communities in our region who agree that consumer fireworks pose too great of a danger,” King County Fire Marshal Eric Urban said. “For the safety of our family, friends, neighbors, pets, and personal property, we remind everyone that fireworks are not allowed in unincorporated King County. We encourage residents to instead watch a public fireworks display, attend a community event or enjoy countless other ways to celebrate July 4th safely.”

Fireworks enforcement is being handled by the Code Enforcement Team, but there are instances where they will not investigate a reported violation.

For example, while Code Enforcement will visit homes if a report is made, they will not investigate complaints about fireworks being used on public right-of-ways or public property like schools or parks (King County recommends calling the Sheriff’s Office for these cases).

Code Enforcement will also not investigate a report of fireworks without an address or parcel number.

Finally, Code Enforcement will only send an information letter to property owners about the fireworks law if an anonymous complaint is made; the team will only issue the fine is if the complainant is willing to testify.

People wanting to make a fireworks complaint can go online to (click “file a complaint”), email, or call 206-848-0800.


The city of Enumclaw allows fireworks only on July 4 between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Black Diamond also only allows fireworks on Independence day, but up until midnight.

Violating these rules in Enumclaw can result on a $5,000 fine; Black Diamond, $500.


The city of Buckley allows fireworks both on July 4 between 9 a.m. and midnight, as well as 9 a.m. through 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 31/Jan. 1.

Violating this rule can result in a $1,000 fine.